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Learning With Magical Microbes

Sponsored Post
By Andrea Dillon

As a homeschooler, it isn’t easy to find science ideas that are fun and educational and that will last more than the one time sitting that it takes to do the project or experiment. However, that is not the case with Magical Microbes! 

When I first received my box, I skeptical at best. The product promised a lot. 

  • Engaging STEM activity that focuses on Microbiology, Energy, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Engineering, all in one experience.
  • Multiple weeks of engagement with putting the project together, measuring the energy, and experiencing the accomplishment as the Mudwatt grows to blink and then power the clock.
  • An app that will help us measure the energy and offer a fun comic book explanation of what is going on with our microbes.

The initial unboxing was exciting but a tad intimidating for someone that isn’t great with wires, anodes, cathodes, and such.



However, the instructions were very clear, and soon we had sorted our material and were on our way outside to find dark and smelly mud for our MudWatt. This was an adventure on its own, and we took some time also to locate some other microbes that we had learned about in our MudWatt education module that they provide for free on the site.

Once the mud was obtained, it was time to go back inside and get dirty. My homeschoolers, even at 10 and 12 years old, thought this was the best part.

After they had mixed the mud,  we followed the instructions to create our MudWatt.

Then it was time to wait. The microbes need time to multiply and start creating energy.

I didn’t expect us to be as excited as we were to check in on it daily. The anticipation grew, and by day ten, we all knew something wasn’t right.

Luckily, the instruction materials also come with troubleshooting tips to help. After eliminating some pesky air pockets and making sure the inside was wet, we were ready to try again.

We placed our MudWatt someplace warmer and waited a few more days, and on day 15, SUCCESS!

We were all excited and cheering for our microbes. Seriously, you can’t beat an educational project that gets you this excited and interested. 



Finally, we were able to use the MudWatt app and measure our energy. This was such an easy app to use and really made the experience 1000% better. It even graphs the results and offers fun comparisons to help us see how our microbes are growing! 


Even with all of that, we still aren’t finished! Once our MudWatt gets to 20 microwatts, we can change our blinking light out to a digital clock! My kids are really excited that we will have a clock powered by a container of mud.


Magical Microbes: MudWatt Assessment

I went into this kit, not sure what to expect. The project was different than most science and STEM kits out there, and I wasn’t sure if this little container of mud could deliver on all the promises. I was wrong. Magical Microbes: MudWatt Clean Energy From Mud is one of the best kits we have tried. The ease of use and continuous learning after the initial project build bumps it above the rest for me. I also really liked the app to help us see the progress happening to the microbes inside. There is the chance that you will have a slow starter or a need to troubleshoot as we did. However, the guide and app’s information can help sort out what you need to do simply, and if required, they offer email and phone assistance to help as well!


Top 5 Things We Like about Magical Microbes: MudWatt

  1. The ease of use and clear instructions.
  2. The use of anticipation and visual gratification of the blinking like to increase interest.
  3. The functionality and usefulness of the MudWatt app.
  4. The expanded learning with free educational resources on their site.
  5. The reusability! This kit can be reused again and again!


Sponsored by:


Magical Microbes provides Award-winning STEM Kits to introduce your children to the magical world of microbes. Learn more about their STEM Kits and education resources on their website.




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