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Supplemental Homeschool Curriculum

When to Consider Adding a Supplemental Homeschooling Program to Your Homeschool Curriculum

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While your homeschool curriculum has proved effective, you may have noticed that your child could benefit by adding a supplemental homeschooling program into their learning. There are a lot of homeschool curriculum enrichment programs out there which can make it challenging to know what program is best for your child. You may also be wondering: when is the right time to consider adding a supplemental learning program into your child’s routine? 

Your child can benefit from a supplemental homeschooling program at any learning stage. Below we outline four of the most common instances of when it’s time to consider adding in a supplemental program to your homeschool curriculum:


1. Your child isn’t grasping math and/or reading concepts

The first sign that your child could benefit from adding in supplemental learning is that they are struggling to grasp current content. Whether certain concepts seem to be slowing them down or they are continually frustrated with the material presented, there is a way to help them regain the confidence to learn. 

The Kumon Math and Reading Program is a worksheet-based program that works like building blocks. The program not only ensures your child will learn and master concepts, but it gives them the ability to confidently tackle challenging problems. Adding a supplemental homeschooling program can help them master the foundational skills that will allow them to excel at their homeschool curriculum material. 


2. Your child’s routine could benefit from daily practice to retain knowledge

Learning enrichment can include a variety of programs, workbooks, and classes. But what if a program could offer your child consistency to practice and build their skills by combining all aspects? With Kumon, you will visit the center or take virtual classes two times a week, paired with at home learning 5 days a week. This allows your child to consistently practice and reinforce their learning. 

Adding a program with daily practice to your homeschool curriculum may seem daunting, but practice is essential to ensuring skills are retained and other intangible skills such as time management and perseverance are instilled at a young age.  


3. Your child could benefit from more time to dedicate to other interests 

While daily practice appears counterproductive to freeing up more time, it actually is one of the best ways to open up more availability for interests and extracurriculars. Since Kumon Students study at their own pace and learn to master concepts, they often end up studying beyond their own grade level. This advancement in math and reading leaves more time for your child to focus on different subjects or activities outside of their academics.  

When searching for a supplemental homeschooling program, it’s important to find one that offers flexibility to fit into your schedule. Many Kumon Centers are offering virtual class in addition to in-center classes, so it’s a great option as classes can be done in whichever method you prefer. 


4. Your child is ready for more challenging work

Sometimes it can be challenging to know how quickly to advance your child’s learning onto more difficult concepts, especially if they show advanced abilities in one subject more so than another. Seeing that your child is bored with their homeschool curriculum material is an opportunity to offer them more challenging work that can unlock their learning potential.  

In Kumon, your child will progress through the worksheets at a comfortable pace for them based on their individual abilities. Adding a supplemental homeschooling program can help your child master the foundational skills so that you can tailor your homeschool curriculum to expand their knowledge even further.


If you’re wondering if it’s time to consider adding a supplemental homeschooling program into your homeschool routine, think about your child’s abilities and how they can benefit. Each child develops at their own pace which is why an individualized program can lead to growth academically and beyond. Finding an enrichment program that offers endless possibilities to learn is not only great at unlocking your child’s potential, but it can help them find more time to dedicate to things that they enjoy!

Learn more about the benefits of adding the Kumon Math and Reading Program to your homeschool curriculum routine.


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The Kumon Math and Reading Program helps kids in preschool through high school develop strong math, reading and writing skills. Lesson plans are individualized for each child, which allows them to advance at their own pace and fully master math and reading concepts. Combine Kumon with your homeschooling and help your child reach their maximum potential. 


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