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STEM Fair: STEM Science Project


Get your homeschoolers ready for the STEM Fair and thinking about STEM science projects with these ideas, resources, and free printables!
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Internet Safety For Kids

how to explain internet safety to a child

Learn about keeping your kids safe with these online safety tips and resources.
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It’s Back! 2020 Online Homeschool STEM Fair


It's back! Join us for the second year of our Online Homeschool STEM Fair! Get the kids learning and ready to enter to win prizes!
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How to Create a Daily Homeschool Schedule

Explore homeschool schedules and routines with a free step by step guide, schedule templates, and helpful tips to plan your day.
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Use That Thesaurus and Dictionary! A Free Printable for Language Arts

Do your children know how to find words in a dictionary? What about a thesaurus?  Utilize them in engaging activities for teaching new words!
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A Simple Plan for Homeschool Planning

how to plan for homeschooling

Homeschool planning is a task with which many homeschooling parents develop a love/hate relationship. We’ve been there, and we even feel the slight sting of dread nearly every year. Try these tips for an easier time planning your homeschool year!
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Everything A2Z: Resource Roundup for January

Homeschool resources for Jan

Need some inspiration for this month? Find everything we have A2Z for your January homeschooling!
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Literature Unit Studies I Love!

Literature Unit Studies

Literature unit studies are a wonderful way to introduce your students to the wonder of reading and especially classic literature. Let these unit studies help create excitement and inspire a love of learning in your homeschool!
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Word Play: Language Arts Activities for Homeschool

Word Play

No one likes busy work, but nearly everyone loves learning through games! Whether you’re looking for online learning games, printables, crafts, or worksheet activities, we’ve found some free options for you!
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Everything A2Z: Resource Roundup for November

Everything A2Z November

Need some inspiration for this month? Find everything we have A2Z for your November homeschooling!
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Learn about Lady Liberty

On October 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated, which is what we are celebrating today!  What better opportunity to learn about the Statue of Liberty history than in recognition of her dedication date? 
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Frankenstein Friday

Frankenstein Friday is a national day observed the last Friday in October to recognize Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Get some ideas on how to make it monstrously fun!
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Halloween Fun with Book Connections

As we approach Halloween, what better time to bring out a few spooky books and activities to liven things up a little? However, in typical homeschool fashion, these crafts and projects are literature-inspired!
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Strange Science for Homeschool

We are approaching Halloween! There is no better time to explore a few weirdly cool science experiments with our kids. Get started today with STRANGE SCIENCE!
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Fun Fall Events Across the USA

Ready to get out and have some autumn fun? We have compiled some of the best fall festivals in the United States for you!
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6 Must-Haves for Online Learners

If you are planning to opt for online learning, here are 6 essential tools and requirements to ensure a smooth online learning experience!
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Fun Ideas for the Pumpkin Patch

Visiting the pumpkin patch is our favorite fall family activity. Try these fun ways turn it into a learning experience and grab FREE pumpkin patch bingo and photo scavenger hunt printables!
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Everything A2Z: Resource Roundup for October

Need some inspiration for this month? Find everything we have A2Z for your October homeschooling.
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Homeschooling And Childhood Obesity

Keeping informed of the risks and what you can do for your child’s health through homeschooling can make all the difference in combating childhood obesity!
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Adapt Your Homeschool for Your Homeschooler

Adapt to the needs of your homeschoolers! Get creative and don’t be afraid to make changes if something isn’t clicking.
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