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10 Spooky Halloween Experiments

Ghost, goblins, and all things that fright. Halloween is approaching quickly and it is the perfect time for science activities!  We have picked ten spooky science experiments to help you add some tricks and treats to your homeschool.

Pumpkin Play

These fun fruits are everywhere during the fall season and perfect for Halloween science activities for preschoolers.

After a trip to the pumpkin patch, use your pumpkin to explore how things grow by growing a pumpkin plant inside your pumpkin.

If you are set on carving a jack-o-lantern, you can experiment with the pumpkin seeds when you are finished. Try out some pumpkin seed friction and challenge your children to lift a container of seeds with just a pencil!

Once you are finished with your jack-o-lantern, use them for an investigation into decomposition.  Document what is happening to Jack as the weeks go by and learn how organic matter breaks down over time.

Ghost Gatherings

Get into the spirit of Halloween with some creepy fun. These Halloween science activities might look like magic but really are just science fun.

Have hours of fun with mysterious dancing ghosts. All you need are some coffee filters and a balloon for this activity. After the dance party, learn about the static electricity that makes it all possible.

This ghost isn’t exactly scary but can be exciting for those learning about chemical reactions.  Expanding ghosts will help explain how vinegar and baking soda creates carbon dioxide to fill up the boo-balloon.  

Amaze and mystify with the flying tea bag ghosts.  These ghastly ghosts will float up into the air while teaching about convection and air pressure.

Sweet Studies

Make use of the trick-or-treat loot with these Halloween science experiments that are perfect for elementary students.

Eat the tasty candy first while you try some candy corn experiments or save your teeth from all the sugar and learn about the hidden ingredients in your candy.

Creepy Chemistry

Take the experiments a bit deeper with chemistry, lights, and colors.

Glow sticks are a staple for Halloween trick-or-treat safety. Explore the science behind these liquid lights with Steve Spangler.  

If you need a Halloween activity for the older students this last one is for you. Explore practical chemistry with the redox and precipitation reactions that take place in the colorful Halloween clock reaction.

Channel your inner mad scientist with one of these frightening fun experiments and have a happy Halloween!

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