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A2Z Is Growing!

Secular Homeschool will be merging with A2Z Homeschooling!


What does this merger mean for those coming from SecularHomeschool.com? 

Things are going to be better! A better site, updated secular resources, and more freebies to help you on your homeschooling journey. 

However, there will be some changes. While there will no longer be a Secular Homeschool forum, don’t worry, we still have a place for you to meet and share homeschool help with other secular homeschoolers. 

We are dedicated to keeping the Secular Homeschool Community Facebook Group open for you! Click the image below to join us there! 





Site Navigation

We want to help you find everything you need on the site. The navigation bar can help you locate homeschool resources. Below are some of the areas that can help get you started today!


General Homeschool Information

The drop-down from Homeschooling on the navigation bar will help you locate how to start homeschooling, homeschool information by location, secular homeschool resources (curriculum and homeschool groups), homeschool methods and styles resources, religion and culture homeschool resources, and all of our blog posts.




Free Resources

We have the Explore Free Homeschool Resources section which is full of lesson ideas and free educational resources to help your homeschooler learn about language arts, math, social studies, science, fine arts, health & fitness, foreign language, computer literacy, and more!

Free Online Homeschool Resources



Homeschool Events

We also have events for you! Events are added to the site by field trip locations, groups, and other homeschoolers like yourself. Events are searchable by different categories to help you find the perfect events for your homeschool! You can add events here!



Questions you might have: 

Is A2Z secular? 

A2Z Homeschooling is primarily non-faith-based and 100% inclusive. A2Z is not completely secular as it contains homeschooling resources for various religions and cultures; however, our non-sponsored blogs and general homeschool information/resources will always come from a secular homeschool stance without any religious influence. 

What is inclusive? 

We welcome homeschoolers of all backgrounds and offer homeschool resources for ALL homeschoolers from A to Z. 

What is going to happen to the Secular forum and our discussions?

Forums will no longer be available. We encourage you to have discussions on the Secular Homeschooling Community Facebook group AND create an account on A2Z to start discussions using the comments on our blog posts. 

Will I have time to access the information I want to save before the forums are closed? 

Yes, Secular Homeschool’s content will remain available until November 3rd, 2020.

Will there still be a secular curriculum section? 

Absolutely! We have a newly updated secular homeschool curriculum section for you. 

Where can I socialize with other secular homeschoolers since the forums are shut down? 

Social Media! The Secular Homeschool Community Facebook group will remain open for you. 


Do you have additional questions or comments?

We are here to help! Please feel free to leave questions and comments below or email us with your comments and questions!

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