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Articles by Date

Directory of A to Z Home’s Cool Articles by date posted.

Alphabetical Listing of Articles

Explaining Coronavirus To Kids


Most kids may be familiar with coronavirus and might also be worrying. Learn how to talk to children about COVID-19 here.
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How to Create a Daily Homeschool Schedule

Explore homeschool schedules and routines with a free step by step guide, schedule templates, and helpful tips to plan your day.
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Coronavirus and Homeschooling: Looking for Temporary Educational Alternatives?

Are you considering your alternative schooling options to help minimize the risk to your family and other vulnerable loved ones? We have educational options to help.
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Help Your Homeschoolers Learn Life Skills

Father and daughter saving money.

Explore essential life skills and activities for kids and teens to grow, develop, and expand into a daily routine.
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8 Unique Hobbies for Homeschoolers

Hobbies to do at home can vary from starting a podcast to geocaching! Read up on these fulfilling hobbies for stay at home moms and families to help beat boredom and stay engaged.
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Homeschool Conventions to Visit in 2020!

homeschool convention

From the Great Homeschool Convention in Texas to the AFHE convention in Arizona this guide will help you navigate and take advantage of homeschool convention tips and tricks.
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New Year, New A2Z!

Here on A2Z we have been working hard on planning new fun things for you and making the site the best it can be. One of our first new year actions is a little makeover! Come take a look!
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Use That Thesaurus and Dictionary! A Free Printable for Language Arts

Do your children know how to find words in a dictionary? What about a thesaurus?  Utilize them in engaging activities for teaching new words!
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A Simple Plan for Homeschool Planning

how to plan for homeschooling

Homeschool planning is a task with which many homeschooling parents develop a love/hate relationship. We’ve been there, and we even feel the slight sting of dread nearly every year. Try these tips for an easier time planning your homeschool year!
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Everything A2Z: Resource Roundup for January

Homeschool resources for Jan

Need some inspiration for this month? Find everything we have A2Z for your January homeschooling!
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Bring in the New Year with Fun Activities!

Make New Year's Eve the best night possible with these great activities, crafts, and freebies. PLUS I have created a New Year's Freebie Pack to help too!
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Fill Those Devices with Educational Apps!

learning games for kids

Technology is a part of our lives. Turn your tech into an educational opportunity. I have gathered a few of my family’s favorite learning apps to help you get started.
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Holiday Activities for Christmas Week


The holidays are filled with so many opportunities for festive activities and family time, which easily leaves many of us reluctant to enforce regular studies. Find activities to ignite a festive spirit for the upcoming holiday and help reduce any potential holiday stress.  
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Celebrate the Dewey Decimal System

Let’s remember Melvil Decimal for his brilliant work with these fun ideas and Dewey Decimal Treasure Hunt + bookmark FREEBIES!
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Everything A2Z: Resource Roundup for December

Need some inspiration for this month? Find everything we have A2Z for your December homeschooling!
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Teaching Thankfulness

Teaching Thankfulness

As we head into Thanksgiving this year, many of us are focused on the theme of thankfulness. How can we truly teach thankfulness not only to our children’s minds but to their hearts? Try these ideas.
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Thanksgiving Traditions: From My Home To Yours

Time to see family and friends and keep up those Thanksgiving traditions. Here are a few of my favorites and some new ones I'm adding this year too! 
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Voting Open for 2019 A2Z Gift Guide


Time to vote for your favorites in our Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway! Cast your vote and be entered to win your favorites!
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Literature Unit Studies I Love!

Literature Unit Studies

Literature unit studies are a wonderful way to introduce your students to the wonder of reading and especially classic literature. Let these unit studies help create excitement and inspire a love of learning in your homeschool!
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Fill Your Homeschool Environment With Fresh Air

Your homeschooling experience doesn’t have to be stuck in a stuffy classroom. Get some fresh air around you, and you could improve the learning and have fun at the same time. 
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