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A to Z Homeschool Articles from 2013

Essays written and copyrighted by your Homeschooling GuideAnn Zeise, as well as features written and copyrighted by guest essayists. Most feature articles also contain links.

Challenges In Homeschooling ADHD Children – 10/10/2013
Given that the ADHD child may be disorganized, messy and will not be able to stay focused for very long means that there are extra challenges for the homeschool parent.

How do I assign high school credits?
If your teen spent about 18 hours a month for 10 months doing something, anything in a typical course, then that would be 1 unit for the year.

How do I choose the best curriculum for my son?
Do it the other way around… Decide what is important for your son to learn. Ask him what he wants to learn about this year. THEN go find the curriculum that makes the most sense.

How to ease into Homeschooling
Teaching and learning happen every day when parents and children do simple things together. Start off simple by doing fun, learning activities together.

Homeschooling Programs and Public Virtual Academies Review
Online schools provide courses to take on your computer over the internet as either a complete grade-based or interest-based curriculum.

Homeschooling Methods
Some methods are very detailed and require a lot of structure and some don’t.

Working from Home for Homeschoolers
You have to look around and check things out but many moms successfully work from home while homeschooling.

Home School and Family Vacations and Travel
There are all sorts of things out there to interest every member of your family. Just imagine incorporating learning from what is around you in different places.

Finding a Home School Group and Starting One
I have a lot of information on how to start a home school group, and how to keep one going (for those homeschoolers who are already members of one.)

One Busy Down Syndrome Guy
By Barbara Frank. When I write about homeschooling and mention that all my children have pursued their own interests, I do mean ALL of them, even my youngest, who has Down syndrome.

Why Homeschooling is Bad?
At first I thought I’d comment on this article in ehow by Brittney Horwitz, but thought I’d respond to her here instead. The link to her article is at the end.

Aaron Swartz, Unschooler, is Vindicated
While Aaron’s name may not be familiar to you, the products he worked on are very familiar. He is the creator of “RSS,” the news feed that brings you data as it is created from the sources that set it up so you can do this. You can, for example, use RSS to always receive articles in this blog as they are posted.

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