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Holiday Activities for Christmas Week

By: Courtney Newman

holiday-activities-for-christmasIf you have stayed strong in your homeschool schedule so far this December, you’re massively impressive!  If you haven’t, then we can completely relate because we have been easing back on the schedule since Thanksgiving.  The holidays are filled with so many opportunities for festive activities and family time, which easily leaves many of us reluctant to enforce regular studies.

That’s a good thing, though, because that’s one of the perks of homeschooling!  However, even for those of you who have continued your usual lessons, the week before/of Christmas can be difficult.  Most kids are filled with enough excitement to hardly sit still the week of Christmas, let alone focus on schoolwork. Many homeschooling families choose to take a break for Christmas week anyway.  Still, if your kids are excited and quite possibly driving you crazy by now, you’ll need a few activities to make Christmas week easier, such as playing Christmas games or creating Christmas crafts together.  Here are five of our favorite holiday activities to relax your schedule the week of Christmas!

Read a Classic Christmas Story Together

Read a Christmas Story Together

A great option for enjoying the week of Christmas together is to read aloud a classic Christmas story!  Whether it’s A Christmas Carol or Twas the Night Before Christmas, reading a Christmas story aloud with the family is an activity enjoyed by all.  Christmas stories evoke nostalgia and allow for a time to slow down and enjoy quality family time together.  Personally, one of our favorite traditions is to exchange books and chocolates on Christmas Eve and spend the night reading!

Work on Science Experiments!

One fun way to relax your homeschool schedule while still learning is to focus on science experiments!  If you’re like me and tend to procrastinate the experiments in favor of getting through the lessons, the week of Christmas is a great time to enjoy science projects.  On this webpage, you’ll find dissolving candy canes, gummy bear osmosis, a 3D Christmas Tree experiment, and more STEAM-related projects.

Learn About Other Winter Holidays

While all things Christmas-related dominates December, if you are taking time off from regular schoolwork, the week before Christmas could be a good time to learn about other winter holidays.  These holidays are majorly overlooked, and yet, they are incredibly important to a large number of people groups! Learn about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, St. Lucia’s Day and more in this blog post.

Enjoy a Polar Express Mini Unit Study

Polar Express Unit Study

Do your kids love the Polar Express?  It’s a family favorite for us, so we would love this mini-unit study!  This unit study includes an experiment for “growing ice,” a resource for tracking Santa, and free printables!  While you’re at it, there are a few tips for helping your children become even better readers. This festive and magical unit study sounds simply perfect for Christmas week!  Afterward, read the book or watch the movie together!

Try These Boredom Busters

If your kids are getting antsy among the holiday activities, here are a few great boredom busters for them!  Try making DIY decorations, baking with mom in the kitchen, playing online learning games, or looking at Christmas light displays!  If you’re extra busy and your kids need something to do, educational YouTube channels (such as National Geographic) or Netflix documentaries are always great options!


If you are looking for things to do on Christmas day with your littles, many of these activities will work well!  When the kids are a little extra jittery from the Christmas sugar and then crash from the excitement, it’s nice to have a few ideas to keep everyone happy and cheerful on Christmas.  Whether you try holiday crafts for kids or color a few Christmas printables, what matters is having a nice Christmas!  We hope these activities ignite a festive spirit for the upcoming holiday and help reduce any potential holiday stress.  



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