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A to Z Homeschool Articles from 2002

Essays written and copyrighted by your Homeschooling Guide, Ann Zeise, as well as features written and copyrighted by guest essayists. Most feature articles also contain links.

Early Days of AOL Homeschooling Forums – 12/12/02
December 2002 marks my 13th year online. Early days in Homefront Hall and AHEM chats and boards.

Other People’s Children – 10/28/02
Be REALLY careful of comparing your children and a friend’s children. Someone else’s children will ALWAYS know something that your kids don’t.

October Unit Study Ideas – 10/3/02
October is sort of an odd month, isn’t it? Ideas for unit studies.

Is Homeshooling Suddenly Illegal In California? No! – 9/8/02
Here is a statement that has been prepared by one of the attorneys on the HSC legal team. September 8, 2002.

Questions and Comments About Homeschooling – 8/27/02
An upset educator wrote me today. Her questions may be some you also have, so I thought I’d put them up online.

Learning Every Minute – 8/4/02
Our daily lives are teeming with opportunities for learning. If you look at your life closely, you will realize there are a myriad of teachable moments each day.

Light and Learning – 8/3/02
If you want to see an immediate improvement in attitude in your family, replace pink and cool white fluorescent lighting with full spectrum light bulbs inside your home, and spend more time outside near if not in sunlight.

Must I Be Organized?- 7/21/02
Contrary to what some perfectionist homeschool moms espouse, organization is one of the LEAST important factors of a successful school year.

Read In Remembrance – 7/13/02
A time for children, teachers, parents, and community leaders to come together and share books and writings that teach and inspire; words that celebrate and honor the bravery and spirit of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Developing Your Online Persona – 6/30/02
As I look back over my nearly 13 years online, I realize that I have integrated into my real self the more interesting persons I was portraying online.

Car Games – 6/24/02
Playing games with kids can make a long car trip both pleasant and educational. Print this out to take along!

Off Topic E-Conversations – 5/10/02
Often through the “off topic” chit chat about daily family life, list members build a certain amount of trust.

Planning a Custom Education – 05/05/02
The real trick to homeschooling is, believe it or not, to forget what “they” have put in place of goals for your child.

Protecting the Gift – 04/18/02
When is it a good thing to have a little fear, a little wariness? How do we teach our kids to be “streetwise?”

Library Paddles – 03/23/02
Kids simply insert the paddle next to the book they want, pull out the book, sit down, and look at it or show it to Mom. By the Eigen Family.

Course Numbers and Transcript Details – 03/13/02
Important pieces that should always be included when preparing a transcript for a college. By Shirley Minster.

Testing Requirements Compared – 03/08/02
Twenty-two states require testing or offer testing as one of several assessment alternatives.

The Adventures of Charlie – Book Review – 2/14/02
My sister homeschools her 6 children and has had wonderful results with a book series by Rae Lowery.

Helping Gifted Children Soar – Book Review – 2/3/02
Very readable, well-organized, practical, on everything from dealing with pros and cons of special talents in the kids to responses that aren’t always supportive in the teachers, to advocating for one’s child. By Ruth Richards.

Using Content Standards – 1/31/02
Why have the government content standards on a homeschooling website?

Do You Yahoo? – 1/3/02
Yahoo is easy for any member of your support group or family who is even vaguely internet sauvy to set up what amounts to a full “community”-type website… and best of all it is free!

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