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A to Z Homeschool Articles from 2004

Essays written and copyrighted by your Homeschooling Guide, Ann Zeise, as well as features written and copyrighted by guest essayists. Most feature articles also contain links.

Homeschoolers Plan to Help Tsunami Victims – 12/27/04
David Albert organizes relief effort by homeschoolers to help orphans in South India. By David Albert.

Teaching Children to Give Back – 10/25/04
How to engage small children in caring about community and charity. By Ellen Sabin.

Teaching and Relating to Your Child’s Learning Style – 10/20/04
How to teach anyone to read once you have identified their learning style. By Lorraine Peoples, author of You Can Teach Someone to Read.

Homeschoolers for Kerry and Edwards – 9/28/04
Activities and lesson plans for children and teens to learn more about the election process by participating in the Kerry-Edwards Campaign.

High Interest Approachable Vocabulary – 08/30/04
A series of six short novels by Patricia Birtwistle that consists of exciting stories of intrigue and suspense for children ages 10 and older with reading difficulties. By Ruth Pell.

The Pinhole Camera – An Overview – 8/31/04
The drawbacks of the pinhole image forces you to become a better photographer and compel you use the principals of composition to craft a better image. Using a pinhole camera forces you to become a better photographer.

Democrats Homeschool, Too – 8/9/04
Many successful homeschool families are Democrats – including myself!

Avoiding Hotel Food – 8/8/04
How to survive at a homeschool conference with starving children in a hotel room where all the food is way too expensive for your budget. By Nancy Friedland.

Back to School – 7/23/04
Does that phrase make you and your kids feel like there is a party and you aren’t invited? By Connie Colten

Working from Home and Homeschool – 6/14/04
Replies to the question: Any suggestions from those of you that do work at home or know someone that does. I would like to have an honest business, something that I could be proud of!

Christopher Paolini and Eragon: A Homeschool Success Story – 5/25/04 
Like so many homeschoolers, Christopher tackles projects by educating himself.

Americans leave school to study with their parents at home – 3/23/04
The number of children and teenagers that are removed from school by their parents to be educated at home is growing. A psychologist says that the system does not work. By Mariana Leite. Published in the Diário de S.Paulo, Brazil.

Things to know before citing Case Law – 2/13/04
Did you know? When a phrase from a court case is quoted, it makes a big difference where the phrase was taken from the decision of that case? by Attorney Deborah Stevenson, Executive Director of National Home Education Legal Defense.

Acting Confident – 2/10/04
It all starts out innocently enough. I was probably more ditzy than most when we started. So many families spend months thinking about homeschooling, planning for it.

Theatre For Kids – 2/9/04
Theaters vary in level of accessibility, but calling around, or attending the ones in your area, will give you an idea of how friendly and open they are. By Peggy Burgi.

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