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A to Z Homeschool Articles from 2005

Essays written and copyrighted by your Homeschooling Guide, Ann Zeise, as well as features written and copyrighted by guest essayists. Most feature articles also contain links.

Homeschool Rooms – 12/30/05
Is it time to convert your preschooler’s playroom into a space for an older child to have all their educational resources handy in one space?

Teamwork for Homeschool Support Groups – 12/29/05
Whether yours is a new group just starting out or one that has been together longer, consider adding some fun team building activities to your next meeting. By Kris Bordessa.

Educational Things to do with Your iPod – 12/17/05
Homeschool families, especially those hanging around this site, are early adopters of new technologies. If there is a way to use a new tool for an educational purpose, they are willing to give it a try. Here are some ways to use your new iPod in creative ways.

Unspelling – 10/23/05
Unspelling™ works like this: one person picks a source word. Then, in turn, each of the players must spell this word incorrectly, but with a basis in a sound-analogy with the way another word (or words) is correctly spelled.

UC Riverside Admits Homeschoolers – 10/21/05
Applicants to UCR’s new admission program will have taken part in a nontraditional educational approach such as homeschooling or attended a nonaccredited charter school that uses innovative educational methods during the high school years.

Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act of 2005 – 10/10/05
While the intent of the bill may be honorable, the effect of the bill is potentially disastrous for homeschooling parents who want to remain free from government regulation. Text of this bill.

Christopher Columbus Unit Study – 10/8/05
This page is an attempt to help parents see all sides of the controversy so that they can better evaluate material they present to their children regarding Columbus and his times, according to the age and maturity of their children.

Holding Children Accountable – 9/29/05
Although I understand the perspective of children being accountable for their own learning, I don’t agree that it’s a child’s responsibility to show to other people that they are learning. By Tammy Takahashi.

Katrina Relief from Homeschoolers – 9/5/05 
I promise to donate all proceeds made on this site on Monday, September 12, to one or several relief organizations that promise to give the greatest proportion directly to relief and not overhead.

Motherhood – Smarter or More Anxious? – 5/7/05
Two books came out just in time for Mother’s Day 2005. One claims that motherhood makes us to be more anxious and the other claims motherhood makes us women smarter. Does one necessarily preclude the other?

Taking a Reading on Children’s Reading – 4/23/05
By Drew B. Saunders, PBS. PBS, in addition to creating great on-air programs like Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow to help young readers flourish, also has free online resources for parents and teachers all about guiding students as they learn to read and write.

Are We Done Yet? – 4/7/05
For homeschool families who choose not to go through an organized program or curriculum, coming to the point of saying, “Yes, we’re done and we’re going to graduate our teen from high school,” is not an easy task.

National Geographic Bee Contest Eligibility – 3/21/05
We have heard from a number of people concerned about National Geographic’s treatment of home-schooled children in our annual geography Bee competition because of an incident that recently occurred in New Hampshire.

FDR- A Presidency Revealed Eligibility – 3/11/05
The History Channel has decided to open the scholarship challenge to all homeschoolers (even in states where homeschooling is not considered “private” school) in addition to students enrolled in a private and/or public high school.

MacWorld SF 2005 Report – 1/15/05
I’ve been at MacWorld SF most of this week and thought I’d report back what I saw and heard that might most interest homeschoolers and homeschool webmasters.

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