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THE A-to-Z of Homeschooling
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A to Z Homeschool Articles from 2006

Essays written and copyrighted by your Homeschooling Guide, Ann Zeise, as well as features written and copyrighted by guest essayists. Most feature articles also contain links.

Quickstart Curriculum – 12/20/06
Some books to order to just help families get started in their homeschool journey. Each selection is deliberately short and inexpensive.

The Twelve Math Days of Christmas – 12/11/06
Here are 12 great ways to combine math in your Christmas activities.

Homeschool Manifesto – 10/11/06
As you go out into the world, youthful homeschoolers, take this Homeschool Manifesto with you as you enter the cultures of academia and business.

Teaching Your Kids About Money – 9/20/06
Make financial goal setting and budgeting a family affair. If everyone in the family agrees on a goal, it’s easier for the whole family to do what it takes to meet that goal. By Elisabeth Donati.

Working from home on eBay – 9/7/06
How to succeed running your own sales business on eBay while also teaching your homeschooled kids how to help out, so you can afford to homeschool in the first place. By Lori Dake.

Tips for Frazzled Homeschool Moms – 7/19/06
Now that we are teaching the oldest two of our four children, my wife, Mary, has had to develop an intricate strategy in order to have a productive day. By Scott Stroud.

Independence Day – 6/26/06
“Independence Day” has a double meaning for homeschoolers. Not only is it a day to celebrate our country’s independence from tyranny, but also our own family’s liberation into homeschooling. By Ann Zeise.

Notebooking – 05/26/06
I became fascinated with notebooking a few months ago. According to what I read from the internet, it was kind of like scrapbooking. By Dana Sorrell.

Homeschooling the Older, Adopted Child – 5/18/06
While homeschooling is a wonderful option for all children, it may be the one thing that promotes lasting bonding, attachment and security when one adopts an older child. By Joanne Greco-Akerman

Hummingbird Nest – 5/8/06
It’s twins! Just feet from our front door. Come see the photos by Ann Zeise.

Bilingual Education – 4/18/06
Mr. Rodriguez would have us believe that sacrificing a relationship with his parents to fit in made him a better person, but to me his words told a different story. By Susan Crawford.

The Homeschool Alternative – 4/17/06
Home based education ­ legal in all 50 states — is a growing movement that offers parents and children alike the opportunity to grow and learn in a loving and supportive environment. By Kris Bordessa.

Helping Your Child Learn to Read – By John Edelson – 3/18/06
Learning to read is an exciting time for children and their families. For many parents, helping their child learning to read establishes a pattern for their involvement in their child’s academic education.

Hiking with Homeschoolers – 3/17/06
Hiking into nature provides the perfect environment for some whole learning that can cross the subject borders: physical education, science, history, social studies, literature, and art. By Sheri McGregor.

Blogs and Kids – 3/16/06
Blogs are an awesome tool. Just like any tool, you can take precautions to make it safe. By Tammy Takahashi.

Murphy’s Laws of Homeschooling – 3/6/06
Whatever you know a whole lot about, your child will refuse to learn it!

State of Affairs for LA Homeschoolers – 2/11/06
It’s just such a huge and terrible mess. I don’t think the news media really conveys how bad the situation is in some of the lower parishes, and in some certain areas of the greater New Orleans region. By Denise Deeves.

Valentine’s Day Unit Study – 2/6/06
A jam-packed e-book of fun Valentine projects for you and your children. A unit study to share with your friends.

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