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A to Z Homeschool Articles from 2009

Essays written and copyrighted by your Homeschooling Guide, Ann Zeise, as well as features written and copyrighted by guest essayists.
Most feature articles also contain links.

Winter Olympics 2010 Unit Study – 12/7/09
This will be an ongoing resource through the Winter Olympics in Vancouver February 12-28, 2010. I encourage you to comment and add links of interest to those studying the Olympics.

Hot Gift Ideas for Kids Christmas 2009 – 12/3/09
A survey of friends of my daughter and grandson’s friends came up with repeated requests this year for the following gifts for the Holidays.

What is the best homeschool curriculum? – 11/17/09
I get this question so often and without any without any supporting information that I thought I’d post an analogy.

Unschooling With ADD – 11/3/09
Once these children are at home and have “deschooled” for a year or so, their parents begin to wonder if some large part of the learning disability they’ve been told about might not be school-induced.

Halloween Party Sounds – 10/28/09
Been in iTunes today collecting sounds and music for our Halloween neighborhood bash. Here’s the list I have so far.

Health Care Reform for Homeschool Moms – 10/26/09
As women, we can provide an important perspective in this debate, for in many ways health care reform is more important to us than it is to men.

Educationese for Homeschool Reports – 10/26/09
Educationese — or Teacherese — is the name sometimes given to the jargon too frequently employed by some of those who train our schoolteachers.

What do you do the first day of “not-back-to-school?” – 8/22/09
I mean the first day all the neighborhood kids go back to school, and your kids are, like, THERE waiting for you to “play teacher?”

Benefits of Dual Enrollment – 8/22/09
Dual enrollment the opportunity to challenge high school students with more rigorous college level courses for a dual benefit–they earn both high school and college credit.

May I homeschool someone else’s children? – 6/25/09
There are two scenarios. The person asking is a relative, such as a grandparent, older sibling, or other relative. They will be educating their relative at no charge. The second is someone unrelated to the family and who will be receiving compensation.

The Wild and Free Pigs of Okefenokee Swamp – 6/17/09
The parable of the pigs has a serious moral lesson. This story is about federal money being used to bait, trap and enslave a once free and independent people.

Media Guidelines – 6/16/09
By Holly Furgason. Be yourself and try to relax. Use your everyday speech. This is not the time to up grade your vocabulary. You’re doing a great job homeschooling and you want them to know it!

Starting a Homeschool Support Group – 6/16/09
By Holly Furgason. Groups can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Here are the basic steps to starting a simple group.

Indigo Children and Homeschooling – 5/7/09
By Sally Carless. Who are the Indigo children? How do you know if your child is one? And if they are–or if you’re not sure, but you know that their current schooling situation is not working for them–what do you do about it?

Homeschooling during the Swine Flu Pandemic – 4/30/09
As some schools are closing in Mexico and the US because of the outbreak of swine flu, some families are being forced into a few weeks of “accidental” homeschooling, and they just aren’t prepared.

How to Help Overcome Speech-Language Difficulties in the Home Schooled Child – 2/19/09
By Dr. Linda Kennedy. Speech-language disorders are common in children and are among the most difficult problems to detect, especially in a homeschool setting.

Patience – 2/10/09
By Barbara Frank. When people find out that I homeschool my children, they almost always say something along the lines of, “I could never do that. You must be a really patient person.”

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