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Thanksgiving Traditions: From My Home To Yours

By Andrea Dillon
*This post contains affiliate links. Items purchased through our links may earn us a commission.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. The history behind the First Thanksgiving is cringy at best, so my family’s idea of the holiday evolved into a time to be thankful for family and friends instead of a celebration of the actual history. This seems to be the case for many families out there as we see more and more of a push for the term Friendsgiving appear across social media. The atmosphere has shifted to embrace quality time with family and friends and to build lasting traditions to celebrate. 


Our Thanksgiving Traditions 

Over the years, my family has continued traditions that I grew up with from my parents, along with adding a few of our own unique Thanksgiving traditions. Here are a few of my favorite. 


Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Together

One of my fondest memories of Thanksgiving is helping my mother and grandmother prep the food for our family dinner. Over the years, I took on more and more of the dishes until I had learned to make them all myself and now host the dinners here at my house. 

Now it is my kids’ turn to learn! They have helped out since they were little. At first, it was just the little things, like setting out the rolls and handing me the measuring cups as I need them. Now, they are old enough to get hands-on with turkey prep and make some of the goodies on their own.


The Thanksgiving Day Parade 

I don’t think I have ever missed a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is easily my favorite tradition. We put the turkey in the oven and then cuddle on the couch for family bonding time. Last year I decided to up the fun, and we started Thanksgiving Parade Bingo. We brainstorm things that we might see and hear during the parade together and then fill out our bingo boards! 

When we see one of the things listed, we have to call it out. The first one to bingo gets a special treat, which for us usually is the first piece of turkey! 


Thanksgiving Crafts 

After the parade, we still have some time before dinner begins. We use this time to make crafts. This is the best time to get some of those homemade gifts started, work on some last-minute Thanksgiving decorations, or work on teaching thankfulness



Thanksgiving Family Time

After the gobbler is gone and we are all stuffed, we like to move on to family time. Spending time together is the key. 

The first step is splitting the wishbone. We always let the two youngest have a go and make a wish! 

Many families gather around to watch football, but in my house, we break out the games to start the fun! 

Some of our family favorites are:



This game is face-paced and the more people you have playing the crazier it gets! We always end up laughing during this game.






If your family competitive? If not they might be after this game. We fight to the very last pudding!





Pie in the Face 

Who doesn’t love seeing Grandma get pie to the face? Get messy and get laughing with this favorite.






Free Turkey Printable: Can You Find Tom Turkey




Race to find the Tom Turkey In A Top Hat…it might be harder than you think! Click the image to download this FREE turkey printable now.


Thanksgiving Traditions To Start 

It is always great to find new fun Thanksgiving traditions to add to the day. Here are a few we are going to try this year! 

  • Get the family involved in making this adorable cookie leaf wreath
  • Doodle your gratitude on this paper tablecloth
  • Take a hike! Burn off that pie with a walk with your family. 
  • Start a Thanksgiving Journal to pass around the table. I really love this one, and it will be great to reread some of the entries years from now! 
  • Get the gift-giving season started by spreading some kindness with “You’ve Been Elf-ed!


Take time this year to make quality time with family and friends. Keep your traditions going and maybe add a few new ones too! 

What are some of your family’s Thanksgiving traditions? Let me know in the comments below! 



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