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Car and travel games for kids

Questions and Answers with Ann

This Week’s Q&A


We are traveling for the holidays. How can I make a long car trip enjoyable for all of us?


I answer this question often and I believe it needs repeating often… You can have fun WITH your children while you are driving down the road. Playing games with your kids can make a long car trip both pleasant and educational.

Print out this newsletter to take along! Looking out the window, searching for objects can also help prevent car sickness. Keep the games light. It isn’t winning that matters here, it is laughing in order to make a long drive pass by quickly.


Using license plate letters, come up with the name of a real or fictitious name for a governmental or other organization, the funnier the better. You can play this in rounds. Whoever makes the others laugh or groan wins. Everyone can win!

Air Horns

When you pass a big truck, with your fist clenched, make a pulling down motion while smiling at the truck driver. If you are lucky, he’ll pull his air horn and toot back at you! Warn your parent you are going to be playing this game. Air horns are rather loud. This should not be played in heavy traffic or in a city.

Alphabetical Trip

The first person starts with the letter “A” and says, “I’m going on a trip, and I’m going to bring ____ ” and names something that begins with the letter “A.” The next person repeats what the first person said, and adds something that starts with a “B.” The next repeats what they said, but adds a “C” item, and so on until someone can’t remember the whole list. For small children, don’t repeat and just let them add a new item that is the next letter of the alphabet.


Before you leave make several copies of these BINGO cards and call the pieces out. Little yellow sticky notes make great covering pieces! Play with any BINGO rules you like: 5 in a row, Blackout, etc. This site also has picture-themed BINGO that kids will enjoy.

Card Games

Some, like “Go Fish”, are fairly easy to play when driving. Rummy is another. Visit here to find the rules to many card games.

Counting Cows

Teams on left and right side of the car both count cows throughout the day on their side of the car, while trying to distract the other team from actually seeing any cows on their side. If you pass a cemetery (or boat) on your side of the car, you lose all your cow points…. provided the other team sees the cemetery (or boat) and catches you! Variation: seeing a white horse after a cemetery (or boat) and you get your lost points back. Winning side gets whatever they want to eat at the next stop.

I have more car games on my website. Have fun!

Good luck!

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Ann Zeise



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