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Costs associated with homeschooling

Questions and Answers with Ann

This Week’s Q&A


We started homeschooling this past year. I am surprised by the costs associated with homeschooling. I’m getting seriously worried about paying for necessary resources to continue. Any ideas?


I totally understand! Many families have asked questions similar to this over the years. People are trying to get by on less everywhere. Others have traveled this path and made it and you will too!

I have collected many bookmarks – of all these fantastic, free, educational sites – and so for the most part, we used these sites for our educational experience. You’ll find many great money saving resources there. Field trips, hands-on activities and games are great platforms for teaching concepts and keeping the experience fun. You can hand-make instruments yourself to save even more. Look through educational catalogs to get ideas and then see what you can home-make yourself or with your children. Consider purchasing used books and materials whenever possible instead of shiny, new. Include your children by teaching them about the importance of saving money.

You are not alone – many homeschooling families work hard each year to come up with what’s necessary and through their own ingenuity and imaginations, they are usually successful. Think about joining a homeschool support group and learn from others what they have already learned about this. Some support groups have lending libraries and/or book resales to help their members.

As long as finances will allow you to pay your internet connection bill, everything is free on my site… except, of course, the advertised options.

Good luck!

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Ann Zeise



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