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Review homeschooling curriculum compared to public school

Questions and Answers with Ann

This Week’s Q&A


How does most homeschool curriculum compare to the curriculum from a public school? Is it better or worse?


While you can buy or be given really bad homeschool curriculum, when homeschooling, you always have the option to buy or borrow or use the top educational material in the whole world.

Homeschool kids tend to read real literature, for example, Shakespeare plays that aren’t watered down, or whole Mark Twain books, rather than getting only partial bits in a “reader.”

Science is almost gone from schools. Homeschoolers often attend science programs at science museums or at some of the nation’s top labs. We used to attend Lawrence Livermore Lab’s Science on Saturday, for example.

School materials tend to “sample” topics. Homeschoolers may learn fewer topics, but they learn them in great depth, and if they are fond of the topic, may study them for years on end.

I was once trying to explain homeschooling to a CEO I knew. He just wasn’t getting it, and then I saw the light go on over his head. “You mean,” he exclaimed, “You learn from places like the Smithsonian for history, NASA for space science, and maybe French from a real French person! Why would anyone ever send their child to school ever again!”

YOU can do this! Good luck!

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Ann Zeise,

Homeschooling with A2Z

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