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Teaching handwriting and penmanship still needed?

Questions and Answers with Ann

This Week’s Q&A


Is good penmanship still relevant? Do I need to worry about this?


Excellent question! Look farther down the road – having clear handwriting is important in life. There is no doubt that computers rule the “written” word these days, but short notes to a co-worker or professor that are not sent via computer and even the almost lost art of thank-you notes requires legible writing. The truth of the matter is that some things are best not sent on the computer: a love letter would be a perfect example. Last minute directions would be another. Our kids may not need to do a great deal of writing by hand. In some areas it may still be important. Instruction, for example, will require note-taking, and being able to read it clearly is important where structural integrity is everything. One thing is certain: if handwriting is not learned and practiced in the early years, it becomes harder and harder to reinvent as the years go on. I have a lot of information about handwriting on my website that may be helpful to you. Check out:

  • 12 good rules for teaching handwriting
  • Fonts – styles of writing
  • History of handwriting
  • Left-handers
  • Problems & solutions
  • Worksheets to improve handwriting
  • Handwriting books

Good luck!

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