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The Adventures of Charlie – Book Review

Book Review’s – “The Adventures of Charlie”

by Ann Zeise & Friends

Here are some book review’s of a book series called The Adventures of Charlie that a bunch of cousins and their mothers want to recommend to you.

First one of the moms wrote to me:
My sister homeschools her 6 children and has had wonderful results with a book series by Rae Lowery. My daughter checked both books out (even though she HATES to read) and couldn’t put them down until she was finished.
The series is very homeschool friendly, and one of the main characters is homeschooled. The series is called The Adventures of Charlie and the books are as follows:

The Case of the Terrible Teacher
by Rae Lowery
Charlie is at it again. Now that she is in middle school, she has new challenges to face, including a teacher who is making the lives of the students miserable. Charlie and her friends hatch a foolproof plan to change his attitude, but the things they find out in the process throw them for quite a loop!
The Case of the Lost Kid: Adventures of Charlie #2
by Rae Lowery
Charlie is just minding her own business when she sees a kid who is clearly in distress in a car. Before the car drives away, she takes note of the license plate number. What is going on? Should she interfere? Should she follow the car? Should she forget the whole thing? Of course, being the detective that she is, Charlie goes on a wild adventure that puts her in more danger than she has ever been in before.
The Case of the Pack-Rat Park
by Rae Lowery
Charlie is a quirky eleven-year-old sleuth. Can she find out who is stealing from the storage units without getting her arm chewed off by the security dog? Her best friend’s family may just depend on it.
Charlie and The Case of the Big Bully: The Adventures of Charlie #4
by Rae Lowery
Charlie is bummed because all of her best friends are going somewhere for the summer, and she is stuck at home. But when a new kid moves in next door, she feels a ray of hope. Until she meets him. This “write your own story” lets you decide what happens at the end of each chapter!

I pointed out that probably no one would take my word for some books I hadn’t read, but might believe it if her daughter and her cousins would write a book review on what they liked about the books. Here are the reviews by the youngsters.

My name is Margaret and I am 12 and I read a book that is the best book I have ever read. It is about a girl that is smart, which is a switch! Her name is Charlie which is short for Charlotte but she goes by her nickname. Her best friend’s dad gets fired even though he didn’t steal anything and Charlie spends the night in a storage unit to find out who is the real thief. I like the part about the dog always scaring her but she goes ahead with her plans anyway. It makes me feel like I could be brave if I needed to help my friend.

My name is Ashley. I am 9 years old. And I like the second Charlie book better than the first one because Charlie’s friend has my name too! I like how Charlie helps people because she really cares about them. She uses big words but then she tells you what they mean.

My name is Launi, and even though I am 16 I still liked the Charlie books. You can tell they are a kids book but I liked that the chapters are only about 3 pages long and the end of each chapter always makes you want to start reading the next chapter. I read both books in about 4 hours and I can’t wait to read her next one. I think Charlie (the girl in the book) is a lot like me. She tries to be a good person but she is so curious it gets her into trouble. Like Curious George.

My name is Lee and I am 15. I was reading the packrat park book to my cousin who is only 7 because the words were too big for him, but then I was so interested in it I kept reading after he had to go to bed. I dont really like to read but this was a very good book and I want to read it until I am done. I want to know who stole the money!

I am 7 and I like charlie because she’s funny. Love Trevor

The key to getting hooked on reading, as these folks point out, is to find an author that intrigues your kids with mystery, delights them with a good sense of humor, and keeps even the older children awake far into the night, not daring to put the book down until they find out if and how the good prevail and the bad get their just punishment!

Then emailed to me May 23, 2011, I got the word that Rae’s books are on Amazon and with a new publisher!

Years ago, I read an article/book review on your website about an author I had never heard of before…Rae Lowery. I bought a couple of her books and absolutely loved them. Then, I lost track of the publisher info and looked it up on the internet. I was happily surprised to find that she had a new publisher, and even though the books are the same inside, the cover is very different, and much more durable, so I am able to use them in my classroom without worrying about wear and tear. The previous books had a much softer cover, but these are just like a regular paperback book. I had to purchase 30 copies because there was such a long list of kids wanting to read it, I just gave up and bought a bunch of them.

Thank you so much for introducing me to this author. Our school voted her author of the year last year and this year, and with good reason!! Tobi

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