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Teaching Children to care about Community and Charity

Engaging children to care about community and charity.

By Ellen Sabin

A movement is afoot in our country to teach young children universal messages and values that will reinforce their growth into kind and caring world citizens. Legislation exists now in over 30 states to require “character education” in k-12 classrooms. These standards “teach” such topics as citizenship, tolerance, charity and others.

Teaching these values can sound preachy unless done in a fun and open way.

But, if done with care, these lessons can have long lasting impact and value for both the child and our communities.

Children learn these core values from a young age and here are some suggestions to help you further teach your child about giving and charity:

  1. Be a good role model-as a volunteer and a donor;
  2. Praise your children for their giving actions;
  3. Expose children to charity work-take them to your walk-a-thon and talk to them about your donations;
  4. Encourage them to see that their kind and charitable acts can make a difference;
  5. Find resources to help enroll them in being excited about charity and giving — there are some great books and website that will help you teach charity to your children.

Engaging children in giving and caring is an opportunity to instill wonderful values.

After spending my whole career running nonprofit organizations for various causes, I wrote The Giving Book: Open the Door to a Lifetime of Giving for my 6 year old niece to show her the power of her actions and the joys of giving. She devoured it-she was excited, inspired and empowered. If interested in using this book, feel free to visit our website (www.wateringcanpress.com) for a free Teacher’s Guide with lesson plans and additional fun activities to use the book in a group setting.

Whether through this book (targeted at 6-11 year olds) or through other approaches, your focus on reinforcing a child’s concern for their community will help them grow into healthy and caring world citizens.

© Ellen Sabin
Email: [email protected]


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