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Homeschool Articles of Interest

Essays are written and copyrighted by your Homeschooling Guide, Ann Zeise, as well as features written and copyrighted by guest essayists.
Most feature articles also contain links.

Advice for DACA participants about Homeschooling High School
This past Tuesday, President Donald Trump ordered an end to the Obama-era program, DACA, that shielded undocumented immigrants brought to the US illegally by their parents when they were quite young. While most are now young adults, some are still of high school age, some are homeschooling, and some are considering homeschooling as a way to maybe hide from I.C.E.

Homeschooling a 7-Year-Old
Children grow up so fast. Before you know it, your two-year-old toddler is suddenly turning seven. And when that happens, you must adjust not only your parenting techniques but also your educational techniques. Reading, writing, and arithmetic starts becoming more prominent during your daily homeschooling sessions.

Homeschooling an 8-Year-Old
Now that your child’s turned eight, you’re probably concerned about eight-year-old behavior how to homeschool an eight-year-old and what they’re learning about — whether it’s in a traditional school or at a homeschool setting. This is natural for all new homeschoolers — they fret about getting everything right for their children. But there is no perfect solution. You must allow your children and yourself to grow and discover new experiences, homeschool tools, and other helpful resources that will improve their education.

Homeschooling a 9-Year-Old
So, your child turned nine and you are concerned about homeschooling a nine-year-old. Of course, you are — even the most experienced homeschoolers get the jitters when starting a new homeschool year. There are milestones that should be reached, important decisions to be made, and a lot of adventures ahead.

Homeschooling a 10-Year-Old
One of the best aspects of homeschooling is the freedom you have to successfully educate your child in the manner they enjoy and respond to the most. And since you’re new to homeschooling, you’re probably wondering what homeschooling your ten-year-old will be like, what similar ten-year-olds are learning, and what ten-year-old online curriculum choices other homeschoolers are using.

Homeschooling an 11-Year-Old
Your child is now 11, what an amazing age. Still so young, but yet beginning to be interested in older activities. If you’re new to homeschooling you’ll enjoy this article on the characteristics of homeschooling an 11 year old.

Homeschooling a 12-Year-Old
You’ll notice generally that 12-year-olds have more confidence, are more decisive when they make decisions, and their level of curiosity has increased. But they sometimes value their friend’s opinions and judgements more than their parents – which gives them the opportunity to express opinions on their own.  

Homeschool a 13-Year-Old
The following guide is designed to help parents feel comfortable with their homeschooling decisions and give them an idea of how other thirteen-year-olds develop and learn. But remember, all children learn and develop at different rates. The learning process is complicated and milestones are reached at different times. With that in mind, use this information as a general guideline.   

Homeschooling a 14-Year-Old
First off, there’s no single source that can tell you what this year will bring. There are too many factors and each fourteen year old learns at a different pace, possesses their own personality, and excels at different subjects. This information only provides a general look at what you might experience as you help your fourteen year old reach their milestones and develop as a young person.

Homeschooling a 15-Year-Old
There are no simple answers. A child’s development depends on many factors. Every child learns differently and at their own pace. The good news is, you know your child better than anyone else, so you can use this information as a general guideline for reviewing purposes throughout the school year.      

Homeschooling a 16-year-Old
Before we move further, please keep in mind that every 16 year old has their own personality, learns at their own pace and attains milestones at an individual rate. The following information is a general guideline, which will answer some of your questions. But remember, each child develops differently.  

Homeschooling a 17-Year-Old
We can’t provide all the answers but we can give you a working guideline that will help you as the year progresses. Remember, each child learns at their own pace and has their own personalities so nothing is set in stone. But there are typical traits and milestones that many seventeen-year-olds share.

Homeschooling an 18-Year-Old
There are no simple answers. A child’s development depends on many factors. Every child learns at their own pace and with their own styles. The good news is, you know your child better than anyone else, so you can use this information as a general guideline and comparison tool, while you reach eighteen-year-old milestones throughout the school year.      

How to Put a Real Name in Your Facebook Group URL
Having a real name in your Facebook group URL will make it much easier for you and your members to remember what it is. I see far too many homeschool support groups on Facebook left with a long chain of numbers at the end of their URLs. Note that you need to do this before your group has 5000 members!

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