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Ditch the Textbooks and Try Online Homeschooling!

*Sponsored by Wings to Soar Online Academy 

Homeschool has undoubtedly evolved over the years. Before technology, it required many books, library trips, and time to accomplish but it doesn’t have to be that way now! Online homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular and is surprisingly simple! Plus, it is making homeschooling a possibility for more families than ever before.

What is Online Homeschooling?

Online homeschooling is receiving all or most of your homeschool curriculum through an online school or program. Many of these homeschool programs provide multiple subjects and can be all or at least the majority of your homeschooling resources.

Why Homeschool Online?

Why should you use an online program instead of a traditional homeschool curriculum? Online homeschool has multiple benefits that can help make homeschooling easier for you and your children. I know I would struggle without it!

It is easy!

  • Just log on and sign in! My kids can access their lessons without me and can get done before I even think about school for the day.


  • The homeschool lessons are preplanned and ready to go for you! Seriously, there is nothing for you put together or plan.


  • You don’t need to grade anything. The lesson moves on as your homeschooler completes the material and you can access their progress online to see how well they are doing.


  • Many online schools make meeting your state homeschool requirements quick and painless by keeping records for you! These reports are ready to print when I need to put together the end of the year portfolios.


Most online programs provide individualized curriculum and allow your children to work at their own pace and on various grade levels. This is perfect for families with special needs. I think this is my favorite aspect of online homeschooling. My children work on different levels for reading, math, and spelling so having programs that I can assess before I buy or modify their difficulty during use is crucial for us!

Save on paper!

Gone are the days that you need to keep track of all those worksheets! I know the first few years we tried workbooks and I was overwhelmed with all the paper by the end of the year. Online programs make learning fun and interactive without excessive paper and heavy textbooks.  

Extra Resources

Online programs can provide more than just curriculum. Many have placement assessments, further learning games, enhancement printables, and other homeschooling resources to help elevate your child’s learning and save your sanity from the planning. My children love the rewards and games that many of the online programs offer. They look forward to getting their lessons finished to play and don’t even realize that they are still learning!


Give Online Homeschooling A Try!

Don’t wait! Find an online homeschooling program that is right for your family and take advantage of the ease and accessibility that technology can provide!

While there are many online homeschool options out there here is one of our favorites!

Wings to Soar provides curriculum to help encourage outside-the-box learners to become the best versions of themselves, embrace their unique wiring, and gain the skills and confidence to not just survive but thrive in school and in life.

You can get started today by requesting your FREE Just-Right Level placement assessments.


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