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Lucky You, You’re Homeschooling!

You’re So Lucky! You’re Homeschooling!

Some start homeschooling after some crisis, and it takes awhile to adjust to the change of having children with you all the time. You may not be feeling at all lucky, while winter lingers, and spring seems too far away. It’s next week. Hang in there!

As St. Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland, take a moment today to chase the figurative snakes out of your home. What’s holding you back from achieving your goals? From feeling better about homeschooling?

If you’ve been homeschooling since September, you’ve probably by now visited every nearby educational museum, every science and technology museum, walked every scenic trail, toured every tourable factory, and wandered through every historical (my mother called these “hysterical”) sites.

A family meeting may be in order about how you can make your days once again fun and exciting. Pull up the web links about upcoming events, about home decorating orgarden planning, about travel options near and far. Volunteer as a family to help your community.

Always good for a lift is attending a homeschool conference. These vary greatly in cost and the quality of speakers and vendors present. Some are small, local affairs, where you’ll get to meet people from the regional area. Others are state or national level events, with noted speakers and homeschoolers coming from all over. Check the events calendar for one coming near you. Don’t wait for the last minute. Often early birds get a discount on the fees.

Lucky ShamrockLet the shamrock remind you that the strange and unusual are lucky. Yes, to many, we homeschoolers are like shamrocks: rare, a bit “freaky” since we don’t “school” like the norm, and oh, so lucky since we’re not tied to some inflexible school schedule! And then, in what seems to be so amazing to others: our kids do just great when it comes time to compete in “the real world.” They make it into fine colleges and thrive in careers they’ve spent all their lives being able to train for.

Let the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow remind you to try be content with the limited income you may have to live with when only one parent can work full-time, or as a working parent, when you have to spread yourself thin between work and children. Riches are illusive, and are not always measured in pots of gold.

By Ann Zeise

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