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Get the Grandparents INVOLVED!

By: Courtney Newman

In honor of Grandparents Day( the first Sunday after Labor Day), take time to explore ways to include the grandparents in your homeschooling!  Grandparents are such a special part of our kids’ lives.  Many grandparents are eager to be part of their grandkids’ everyday activities and will welcome the idea of participating in the homeschooling process.  The ability to include grandparents in your children’s education is just another wonderful benefit of homeschooling!



5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Include Grandparents in Homeschooling

While times have changed from when your parents were in school, some basic concepts (such as work before play and the value of education) are timeless.  Consequently, grandparents can add an incredible dynamic to your homeschool. Here are five important reasons to consider involving your children’s grandparents in their home education.


  • Grandparents love spending time with their grandbabies. It’s no secret that most grandparents would give anything to spend time with their grandchildren.  If you are lucky enough to live nearby, it would likely be a blessing for both the children and their grandparents to spend time together — even if it’s for working on schoolwork together.
  • Grandparents have a host of wisdom to share. What can we learn from grandparents?  How could we even begin to cover it? Grandparents have gone through many mistakes themselves; after all, they are people just like us.  They’ve had their good times and bad times. They can share with your children about their ups and downs, and what they have learned through their life.  It could be anything from kitchen tips to relationships or career advice. They’ve been through it all. Life lessons from grandparents are deeply meaningful.
  • Grandparents may help provide a new perspective. Even if you have already been trying to explain a concept to your child, sometimes, all it takes is a new perspective from someone else to help provide clarity.
  • Grandparents make everything more fun. Isn’t it true?  Kids are far more likely to enjoy doing something when it involves their grandparents.  There’s just something about Grandma & Grandpa that makes everything so much more fun and enjoyable.  A task as menial as finishing their fractions could be more enjoyable when Grandma is helping!
  • Grandparents will develop an even stronger bond with your children. What may begin as mere fun will likely develop into something deeper.  Your children will be able to look back on their homeschool experience and not only remember their parents caring about their education, but also their grandparents.  Wonderful memories will be created, and your child will look back and feel surrounded with love.

5 Great Ways to Involve the Grandparents in Homeschooling

When it comes down to including your parents in the homeschooling journey, what exactly can they do to participate?  We want to make sure it remains enjoyable for everyone, and you certainly want to avoid it feeling like a chore for your parents.  Here are a few fun and meaningful ways to include the grandparents in your homeschool.


  • Teach Special Skills. All grandparents have hobbies, and most of them are useful skills!  Ask them to teach your kids these skills. Life skills will always be valuable.  A few examples could be crochet, cooking, stringing a fishing pole, baiting a hook, tying a tie, mowing the yard, pitching a tent, grilling, and so on.
  • Work on Projects. These projects could also involve the special skills mentioned above, or perhaps learning something new together like arts and crafts, building a project for a unit study, conducting science experiments, etc.  Make use of their knowledge!
  • Share the History They Lived. There is no denying that grandparents have lived through decades of history.  Schedule in time for “living history” so your children can learn about real events that their grandparents experienced.  There are several ways to learn from grandparents!
  • Encourage Field Trips. Grandparents can often take their grandchildren on field trips!  This could be a trip to the park, the zoo or aquarium, or even local museums.  On another note, grandparents may enjoy taking the kids to lessons, such as for music, sports, dance, etc.  Not only do grandparents and grandkids often have a wonderful time out exploring together, but it may even free up some time for you as the parent to check off other tasks.
  • Become a Study Buddy. Grandparents can help your children study for exams or challenging content.  While it’s likely that certain techniques have changed over the years, if their grandparents sit down with them, they can likely at least encourage them to read over the sections and work through any problems.  Similarly, grandparents could help out with grading assignments!


Grandparents can be a wonderful homeschool resource. They have so many stories to share and memories to reflect on. They have learned from challenges, fought through hard times, and triumphed in successes. If you can raise your kids near their grandparents, both are sure to benefit and foster some wonderful memories made together learning.


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  1. fredluis721 on October 22, 2019 at 10:07 pm

    Thanks a lot for sharing us about this update. Hope you will not get tired on making posts as informative as this.

    • Andrea Dillon on October 22, 2019 at 10:16 pm

      Thanks so much for the kind words!

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