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October Unit Study Ideas

Ideas for Studying in October

October is sort of an odd month, isn’t it?

A few fleeting warm days and then suddenly chilly. Hurricane season in some areas. A time to study weather.

Here in California, huge flocks of birds are flying to the comparative safety of the San Francisco Bay for the winter. They darken the sky at times.


A good month to take a hike and see how nature is getting itself ready for winter.

A time to watch the birds or put out a bird feeder.

A time to collect leaves and help children understand why leaves change color.

A dry time. A time to teach children about fire safety inside the home and outside as well.

A spooky time of year, as the winds come and scrape tree limbs against the house.

A time to visit a historic ghost town.

A time of year when stores are filled with Halloween stuff. A good time of year to get a model skeleton and talk about the inner body with your children.

Ray Bradbury
I had a chance to meet Ray Bradbury, a most charming and delightful man. He is best known for The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and The Illustrated Man. Be sure to check out the video clip interview.

A time to read scary books by the fireplace.

The last month for high school seniors to take SAT Tests. Scary thought.

A time to think about all the events set in motion when Columbus bumped into the American continent on his way to Asia.

A time, this year, to teach children used to prosperity, what it means to “tighten your belts,” deciding what must now be considered a luxury. Teach them to budget.

A time to talk to kids about war and teach them to create peace in the world.

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