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Holiday Activities and Craft Ideas

Monthly Directory


New Year’s Cleanout
Start the new year with a clean slate!

New Year’s Resolutions
Homeschooling doesn’t mean just “winging it” with a bunch of half-hearted hopes.

New Year, New Homeschool Perspective 
Do you need some homeschool inspiration? Maybe a new perspective?


23 Awesome STEAM Activities for Valentine’s Day
We love STEAM! Share in the love with these fun ideas!

Valentine’s Day Unit Study
A jam-packed page of fun Valentine projects for you and your children. A unit study to share with your friends.

The History of Mardi Gras
Learn more about Mardi Gras!


Celebrating Power Women in History
Learn about some important and powerful women for Women’s History Month.


Earth Day Activities for Everyone 
Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. It’s a day all about the environment, conservation of resources, recycling, and lowering your carbon footprint. And it’s a great way to work science and math into your curriculum. Your kids can feel like heroes when they learn how to go green!

Spring Into STEM fun!
Spring! The birds are singing, and the sun is shining! It is the perfect time to spring out of the homeschool rut and have some STEM fun!


El Cheapo Summer
No money for camp? Not a penny for vacation? How will you and the kids ever survive the summer? By Annette Berlin.

Homeschool Summer Camps
Not always held in the summer, many take advantage of lovely fall weather and uncrowded camping areas. Many homeschool associations and support groups also hold camps for members.

Independence Day
“Independence Day” has a double meaning for homeschoolers. Not only is it a day to celebrate our country’s independence from tyranny, but also our own family’s liberation into homeschooling.

Summer Camp at Home KIDS
If going off to summer camp has all the appeal of going to a boarding school, here are some wild suggestions of ways you can have a tame camp experience at home and in your nearby community.

Summer Plans
I suggest “educating” differently. Take a break from “schooling” and learn from doing things, lots of interesting things.

Unschooling All Summer
Do you force your kids learn in the summer, too?



Ghost Stories by Famous American Authors
Scary American literature to read online.

Ghost Town – Bodie, California
Homeschoolers haunt this historic gold mining town on a fine October day. An online field trip.

Gory Goodies
DrinksDips, Snacks, & AppetizersBreadsMain DishesDesserts and Other Good Ideas

Halloween At Home
It can be a fun-filled, learning time for the whole family.

Halloween Party Sounds
Been in Amazon today collecting sounds and music for our Halloween neighborhood bash. Here’s the list I have so far…

Halloween Spook School
Welcome to our homeschool for little spooks. Our haunted house needs to meet all the state requirements for being a haunted home school.

October Unit Study Ideas
October is sort of an odd month, isn’t it? Ideas for unit studies.

Skeleton Unit Study
Skeleton and bones lessons and worksheets for kids.


Thanksgiving Ideas Galore
Learn to plant corn like Squanto. Visit lots of Thanksgiving and early American history links.


Advent Calendar
Surprise December Fun Links. Now updated for December 2015. A fun activity added daily December 1-26.

Christmas Gift Tags With Hints
Just add a cryptic hint to a tag to get the recipient guessing what it could be!

Christmas Lesson Ideas
A Christmas curriculum.

Christmas Skit
Divide the group into four smaller groups and assign each group one of the words listed here. Read the story. After each of the words is read pause for the group to sing the first line of the song.

Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers
If you want to know what real homeschoolers who love this site are getting their kids for Christmas, here is a list taking directly from my Amazon sales reports.

Holiday Jokes
My gift of laughter for you.

Homeschooling During the Holidays
Holiday homeschooling will look different for each family. Whatever your take is on it, here are some ideas to keep you busy and learning through the holiday season.

Living Joyfully With Children
Maximize freedom and success, minimize fear and failure.

Luke 2, The Christmas Story
An illustrated story of the birth of the Christ Child, designed for children to read.

Toystore – Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers
Toys that teach, and are a lot of fun, too.

The Twelve Math Days of Christmas
Here are 12 great ways to combine math in your Christmas activities.


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