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New Year’s Cleanout

Cleaning Up For The New Year

By Ann Zeise

I feel odd lately, and I don’t know if it’s the coming of the new millenium or not, and was just wondering if anyone else was having this reaction.

I’m not a terminally “neat” type, preferring just enough order to find things and stay healthy, but in the last week I suddenly want to be “out with the old” and “in with the new” by the new year.

Just find myself going through cupboards and drawers, throwing out or giving away stuff we’ve never used in 15 years in this house. Kinda trying to “unpackrat” this place. I’m driving my husband nuts, “We might NEED that! It’s still USEFUL!” panics my Yankee husband.

It started with an offer for a free, lovely wooden file cabinet and bookshelf. (What homeschool family couldn’t use more of those?) Since they were going to move into this computer room, how about a bigger desk for Scott so he’d have more room for his high school level stuff (rather than using the living room floor!). We spent the weekend moving stuff OUT of the computer room and it is now spread out all over the lower floor. The new furniture we assembled yesterday has only a few parts left over. I plan torecord this as “creative problem solving.” How did I EVER get all that “stuff” in here before, I can’t tell you! It propagated when I moved it out! (Like hangers, books have babies when you aren’t looking. Did you know that?)

A most amazing thing is happening: the Domino Theory is alive and well in the Zeise household. Each furniture object we moved required ANOTHER piece of furniture to be emptied of its contents and be moved. The whole HOUSE is in disarray, and I’m beginning to panic. Is there a cure?

One of the older bookshelves went up into Scott’s room, so he should have no more reason to have acres of books all over his floor. Another went into Fred’s room so he won’t have that excuse either. I’m taking a carload of books to parkday on Wednesday – it better not rain! I keep telling myself I’ll probably never cook from 60’s and 70’s cook books again, now that I’m more “weight watchers wise.” Desks that are too tight for anyone to sit at should GO.

See what I mean? This is NOT like me! But for some reason I seem to think that if I truck this stuff with me into the next millenium, it will all follow me to my grave or something. I’m even considering hiring an “organizer” I know from the Chamber of Commerce. Yeh, she does THIS for a living! She’d probably charge me a fortune. And before you start recommending books on getting organized, I’ve read them all, even the “Slob Sisters,” with whom I highly identify.

Anyways, I’ll be posting in the Classifieds area about some of the stuff I’m trying to unload. Please do join me if you are also suffering from a bout of this Millenium Cleanout “flu” bug that’s going around.

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