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Independence Day has a Double Meaning for Homeschoolers

July 4th For Homeschoolers

“Independence Day” has a double meaning for homeschoolers. Not only is it a day to celebrate our country’s independence from tyranny, but also our own family’s liberation into homeschooling.

So when you get out with your friends, family, and neighbors, make a toast to your own independence and freedom telling what it means to you.

Here are some things we celebrate:

Our Declaration of Independence. This may be your Letter of Intent or similar announcement that you gave to your school district or state to let them know your kids would no longer be in school.

Remembering how scared you were to tell your parents, your children’s grandparents, that you would be homeschooling. And now, together, celebrating all the effort the whole extended family has put into the kids’ education.

Severing the economic ties to the “free,” but constraining ties to public education.

Finding new allies and friends in the homeschool community that helped strengthened our resolve and ability to homeschool.

Forging new paths into the wilderness as we found our own, eclectic way of homeschooling each individual child.

Establishing more flexible laws regarding homeschooling in our states and in our nations.

Creating our own fun curriculums, and even establishing home businesses to share these ideas and products with others. A decade ago it was hard to find and buy educational materials. Now there are many free and commercial products designed with homeschool families in mind.

Independence Day For Children
Kindle Edition
by Matthew Wright
Read Inside
What happened on the Fourth of July and how did it change history forever? This short, educational children’s book reveals the true story of the Fourth of July and how America became an independent nation.

We are grateful to all the writers of “How to Homeschool” books and the publishers of homeschool magazines who give us so many great ideas, and keep us going with their inspiring words.

Delighting in the many diverse communities that have joined the homeschool movement in the last years. What had been a decade ago a form of education for hippies, religious fanatics, and those with severe health problems or living in remote areas, is now a viable alternative for just about everyone!

And here’s to our friends all over the globe who delight us with tales of how they homeschool in many lands. Some are like fireworks, brightening the sky for miles, carrying the torch to make changes in government regulations. Others are none-the-less sparklers, close and personal, warm and neighborly, who wage the right to homeschool battle just within their families and neighborhoods.

Here’s to the colleges and universities who have come to welcome homeschooled teens with open arms, making exceptions to their homemade transcripts and wild experiences.

So when you wave your flags of freedom, remember those who rebelled in the early days, and who keep on fighting to retain your rights to homeschool. This is a grassroots rebellion, and the rebels look like suburban, urban, and rural moms and dads, some rich and some poor. Few ever thought they’d ever be part of a revolution, a revolution to change the face of Education.

By Ann Zeise

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