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Thanksgiving Ideas Galore

*This post contains affiliate links. Items purchased through our links may earn us a commission.

Thanksgiving! A time for family, food, and fun! Do you need some ideas to help celebrate? Check out the resources here for ideas and freebies to help make your Thanksgiving great!


Activities for a Fun Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Traditions: From My Home To Yours
Start a new Thanksgiving tradition. Here are a few of my favorites and some new ones I’m adding this year too!

Teaching Thankfulness
How can we truly teach thankfulness not only to our children’s minds but to their hearts? Try these ideas.

Aristotle’s Thanksgiving
Post your family’s Thanksgiving story. Get some recipes and turkey facts to amaze your family. Send a Thanksgiving postcard to those you can’t be with.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Holiday Zone
Find Thanksgiving craft projects, discussion ideas, language arts activities, songs and more.

Thanksgiving Party Ideas
This fall, invite kids over to your Thanksgiving party. This Pinterest page contains some of the old-time crafts, foods, and games that your guests will most certainly enjoy.


Cooking with Kids on Thanksgiving

Ants on a Log
This appetizer is one small children can make, and can be a big hit. Cut pieces of celery into 3-4″ pieces. Spread peanut butter (or cream cheese) in the middle. Line raisins or craisins (dried cranberries) in a line on top of the spread, like so many ants marching along a log. Arrange in a pinwheel on a round plate. Pass around to the guests.

Thanksgiving Recipes
Some kindergarten chefs were asked….
“What do you have for Thanksgiving dinner, and HOW is it prepared?”
These were the youngsters’ replies, in their own words.


Thanksgiving Craft Projects for Decorations

Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for Kids!
Get ready for Thanksgiving and fall fun with these crafts and activities for kids!

A Child’s Thanksgiving Tree
A family tree with each member a colorful cut-out hand, looking a bit like a turkey. Hope your family has a sense of humor!

Paper Bag Turkey Puppet
Craft project for little kids to make table decorations that resemble turkeys.


Games For the Whole Family

Corral the Cranberries
Empty bag of fresh cranberries (uncooked!) in the center of the table. Each player uses a hair scrunchie or fat rubber band stretched between the fingers of one hand. They try to capture cranberries in the loop and sweep them into the other hand, then put them on their own plate. Either set a time limit or play until all cranberries are captured. The winner is one with the most un-squished cranberries on their plate. Those on the floor don’t count.

Do you enjoy the Thanksgiving Day Parade? Download our free Thanksgiving Parade Bingo!

Games to Play on Thanksgiving Day
Getting the whole family together for Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to try out some super fun games.

Thanksgiving Story Activity
Family members encouraged to note what special things others have done for them to share during Thanksgiving dinner.


Online Thanksgiving Activities

Grand Turkey Hunt
So… you think you can catch me? Think you are smarter than a TURKEY? Well, let’s begin the hunt and find out!

A Kids Heart
Site of online games and puzzles, coloring and activity pages, free Thanksgiving clipart and screensavers, and mini-games to download and play or send to a friend.

You are the hatchet playing against the turkey, while “Over the field and through the woods” plays in the background.


Science Experiments Using Thanksgiving Foods

3 Family Friendly Thanksgiving Science Experiments
Cranberry Chemistry. Bendy Bones. Re-growing Food From Scraps.


Stories about Thanksgiving

Do You Find Family Holiday Gatherings Fun or Stressful?
Kids were invited to submit their own holiday stories. Enjoy reading what others do for Thanksgiving.

Hunting the Deceitful Turkey
Mark Twain’s account of his attempts as a boy to hunt wild turkey.

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving
By Louisa May Alcott, (1832-1888) [From An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving and Other Stories, by Louisa May Alcott]

Turkey Guard
When I was just a kid of about eight or so, turkey guard used to be my job. My ma used to hand me the long switch that stood by the back door and send me out to stand watch over the garden. I’d stand there switch in hand guarding against the half wild turkeys that lived up on the hill above our ranch house. by Donna Bailey.

Turkey to color

Turkey to color

The Turkey Shot Out of the Oven
A humorous Thanksgiving ditty which may be sung to the tune of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.”


Studying about Thanksgiving

Pilgrims for Kids
How much do you know about the Pilgrims? Check out these free online resources to learn more about Pilgrim facts and history. Perfect for a Thanksgiving Unit!

Thanksgiving Unit Study
Print out these pages from ABCTeach to have a complete unit study for a young child.

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Worksheet
Fill in the blanks with the expected words, or for a laugh, put in the truth!

Thanksgiving Word Search
Everything from carving the Thanksgiving Turkey to eating Grandma’s Pecan Pie.

Turkey Booklet
Create this easy and colorful booklet in your home and write down what you are most thankful for this year.


Traveling at Thanksgiving and Visiting Relatives

Car Games
Playing games with kids can make a long car trip both pleasant and educational. Print this out to take along!


Videos about Thanksgiving


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Two slices of toast, a handful of jellybeans, some pretzels – not quite what comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving dinner. It’s not what Peppermint Patty imagines either, but that’s what she gets when she invites herself over to Charlie Brown’s house for a turkey-day feast.




A Thanksgiving Tale
This Thanksgiving might just be Tom Turkey’s unlucky day! First, the cats want to carve him into turkey dinner. Then the dogs try to rescue him. Can Tom Turkey keep them all from fighting like cats and dogs? And make them celebrate like the Pilgrims and Indians at the first Thanksgiving? And save his own feathers?




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