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Is Homeschooling Better Than Public School?

Public school. The name brings thoughts of yellow buses, homework, and lunch lines – things we see associated with school everywhere this time of year.

Homeschool. The name definitely means different things to different people but as homeschoolers, the name brings to mind fall park days, laughter around the school table, and taking sun days instead of snow days.

Which is better? Is homeschooling better than public school?

Homeschool vs Public School

Both homeschooling and public school work for different families for different reasons, but how do they stack up generally?

Flexibility in Homeschooling

As a homeschool family, this one seems easy to me. Homeschoolers are free to pick the curriculum that works for their children and change it if it is no longer working.  This isn’t something that is easily available in public school due to the structure and cost.

Homeschoolers also have the flexibility to school when they want. Traveling throughout the year while still schooling, or taking a break while you take that vacation. These are the freedoms of homeschool. Public school children must follow the school system calendar with summer and holiday vacations so they don’t miss the teachings in the classroom.

Cost of Homeschooling

At first glance, it seems that public school would be the cheaper choice for an education. It is free after all, however, that isn’t exactly the case. There are many costs that parents don’t anticipate with public school.  Back to school supplies, field trip fees, fundraisers, and such add up over the year.

Homeschooling gives parents the power to plan for these events. Yes, we still do field trips and buy supplies but with the freedom to pick discount days and wait for sales so those costs can be decrethe ased. As for curriculum, it depends on what works for your family and can cost anywhere from $0 to $1000 with an average around $500 per child each year.

Some states also give the option to homeschool under umbrella schools or charter schools that will help lower the cost of homeschooling by providing funds to homeschoolers. Find out if you state provides financial help for homeschoolers on our homeschool laws and legalities page.

Socialization for Homeschoolers

What about socialization? This is always a hot topic for conversation when it comes to homeschooling. So how does homeschooling stack up against public school in terms of socialization? As a homeschooling family, this one also seems easy to me. My homeschoolers can have conversations with anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

Public schoolers, however, are restricted on when they can talk to their peers and normally are restricted to a classroom of others their own age. Recent studies have shown that socially homeschoolers actually fair better than their public school peers.

Success for Homeschooling

Academically, studies on homeschooling have shown it is excelling as well. Homeschoolers, typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests. Additionally, homeschoolers go on to receive higher GPA’s in college and are more likely to graduate from college than public school students.

Homeschooling Customization

The biggest perk of homeschooling is customization. Above all, homeschooling parents just want a great education for their children and homeschooling allows parents to choose and customize a curriculum to give them that. Using an all-in-one online program makes this easy and affordable. We recommend that you find a program that will help you customize and create the homeschool education that works for both you and your homeschooler.

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