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101 Last-Minute STEM Fair Project Ideas!


We are coming to the end of the 2020 Online Homeschool STEM Fair. You have until
Oct. 21st, 2020 to submit your video and be in the running to win some of the great prizes we have lined up!



BUT what if you just found out about this?  What can you possibly do for your project?! Don’t freak out! There is still time to put together an amazing project for the STEM Fair and we have help for you!


Last-Minute STEM Fair Project Ideas

Here are 101 starting questions for a quick two weeks or less STEM Fair Project. Grab one of these questions and get started or let these ideas help you come up with something of your own!


  1. What types of paper make the best paper airplane.
  2. How does moisture affect mold growth?
  3. What paper towel brand absorbs the most?
  4. Does over-inflating a ball make it bounce higher?
  5. What’s the best shape for a parachute?
  6. Can you make a table out of paper and tape that can hold your weight?
  7. Does glue brand matter when making slime?
  8. Does spray sunscreen work better than lotion?
  9. Does temperature affect the stiffness of silly putty?
  10. Does a shower use less water than a bath?
  11. Can you remove permanent marker off different surfaces?
  12. What temperature do Borax crystals grow the best?
  13. Does temperature affect how much a plastic bag can hold?
  14. Can you use solar heat to cook a hotdog?
  15. Can I protect an egg from a 15-foot drop with just paper and tape?
  16. How tall of a tower can I make using just paper?
  17. Can I make something to keep my cats off the kitchen table at night?
  18. What chocolate bar melts the fastest in a hot car?
  19. Do fruit flies prefer a specific fruit?
  20. Can I make a structure out of LEGO Bricks to hold a large pumpkin?
  21. Does temperature affect magnet strength?
  22. Can I build a boat out of straws and plastic wrap?
  23. Are bugs attracted to a light’s light or heat?
  24. Does ice cube shape affect how fast it melts?
  25. Which appliance in my house uses the most energy?
  26. Does the size of the pot change the time it takes to boil two cups of water?
  27. How much energy would be saved if we turned off every electric item for the day?
  28. Does mint cool down your mouth or just make it feel cool?
  29. Do different crayon brands melt at the same temperature?
  30. What color shirt absorbs the most heat?
  31. Can I use other food to keep apples from turning brown?
  32. Does temperature affect soda spewing when shaken?
  33. What type of wood burns the quickest?
  34. Does salt change how quickly water boils?
  35. Does string length change it’s strength?
  36. Do artificial sugars attract ants?
  37. Can I make a bridge with straws and tape to hold 15 toy cars?
  38. Does a paper bag hold more weight than a plastic bag?
  39. What’s the best way to remove crayon from the wall?
  40. Does saltwater freeze faster than freshwater?
  41. Can I use household items to decrease static electricity?
  42. What container best helps to keep ice from melting?
  43. Can I make a water filter using things around the house?
  44. Does increasing flour make softer cookies?
  45. What materials conduct heat the best?
  46. Does the length of string matter on a tin can telephone?
  47. How much water evaporates out of my fish tank in a day?
  48. Can I use water to tell time?
  49. Does food coloring affect the temperature that water boils?
  50. Do different types of shoes change how fast I can run?
  51. What fabrics are best for insulation? 
  52. Can I make food rise without yeast? 
  53. Does soda temperature change the reaction of mentos and soda? 
  54. Which types of scotch tape can hold the most weight?
  55. Which nail polish best resists chipping?
  56. Does the flavor of gelatin affect the amount of time it takes to set?
  57. Does the temperature of ketchup change it’s flow?
  58. What temperature does milk go bad? 
  59. Can you freeze water without a freezer? 
  60. Do different socks change static electricity on the carpet?
  61. How does a light bulb’s wattage affect the amount of heat detected above a light?
  62. Can I make a feeder my cat can use to feed itself? 
  63. Do different pencils sharpen better? 
  64. Can you pop unpopped microwave kernels?
  65. Which brand of chocolate bar melts fastest in the sun?
  66. Which can support more weight: paper or plastic grocery bags?
  67. Does listening to one type of music lower heart rate more than another type?
  68. Can I make something to charge my phone with solar power?
  69. Do Chromebooks use more or less power than a regular laptop?
  70. How much heat does my television put off during the day?
  71. Does the sun fade different colors of fabric equally?
  72. Can you learn while listening to specific things while sleeping?
  73. How long to I need to wash my hands to get them clean?
  74. How many times can I fold a single sheet of paper? 
  75. Which type of fruit is more acidic: lemons, oranges, or watermelon?
  76. In what type of lighting does a plant grow best?
  77. What differences are there in the ability of different soils to support a structure?
  78. Can you map a magnetic field? 
  79. What is the best material to put in a sandbag to block water, such as during a flood?
  80. Do have things fall faster than lighter things?
  81. Can a loud noise break glass?
  82. Can I grow a plant without the sun?
  83. Do “triple roll” toilet paper rolls really last three times as long as regular rolls?
  84. Which cleans teeth more effectively: baking soda or toothpaste?
  85. Which diaper can hold the most liquid?
  86. Can I make a banana ripen faster with different food?
  87. Does the temperature of a candy bar change how it breaks?
  88. Can soda dissolve a penny?
  89. What melts ice the fastest: sand, cat litter, or mineral rock salt?
  90. Does different font change how fast you can read?
  91. Does different bread toast faster? 
  92. Does the power setting of the microwave affect how many unpopped kernels are in popcorn?
  93. How can I keep my shoes from getting wet when I jump in puddles? 
  94. How much bacteria is on my mail? 
  95. Does ice melt faster in water than milk? 
  96. Can I make a catapult using items in my house? 
  97. Does temperature change battery life? 
  98. Can I make a rocket with food? 
  99. What’s the best way to remove gum from a shoe?
  100. Can I measure lung capacity with a balloon?
  101. How can I use the sun to cook food?


Important Dates to remember:

We wanted to make sure that you and your homeschooler have plenty of time to plan, perform, and record your project. Below are the important dates to remember as you work.

  • EXTENDED Accepting Entries August 17th, 2020- October 21st, 2020.
  • Initial scoring by our site judges October 22nd, 2020.
  • The top three choices (from each grade group) from judges will be voted on by the public on A2Z from Oct. 26th-30th, 2020.
  • Winners announced November 8th, 2020.


Please Take A Moment To Check Out Our Wonderful STEM Fair Sponsors!

















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