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Light and Learning: How Full Spectrum Lighting Effects Learning

Lighting Effecting Learning.

I came across several fascinating studies about the affect of light and learning.

by Ann Zeise

Light: An Element in the Ergonomics of Learning
Malillumination vs. Posillumination
“Malillumination” is to “light” as “malnutrition” is to “food”.
By Laurence D. Martel, Ph.D.
President National Academy of Integrative Learning, Inc.
Hilton Head Island, S. C.

Give priority for space and light
A 2008 study, part of ongoing research by C. Kenneth Tanner, the director of the School Design and Planning Laboratory at the University of Georgia in Athens, offers some scientific validation for that idea. The study found in an analysis of 71 schools that students exposed to more natural light had higher vocabulary and science scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, and students in classrooms with views of the outdoors had higher mathematics, vocabulary, and language arts scores on the same test.

If you want to see an immediate improvement in attitude in your family, replace pink and cool white fluorescent lighting with full spectrum light bulbs inside your home, and spend more time outside near, if not in, sunlight. (Sunburn doesn’t help learning!)

Many homeschool parents report an almost immediate “cure” for ADD when they bring their children home to study. Could it be the lighting? Fluorescent lights can cause bodily stress, hyper-activity, attention problems and other distress that leads to poor learning performance. They can be a cause of depression and even tooth decay! Under full-spectrum lighting, blood pressure drops and aggressive behavior is reduced. In one study, several children labeled learning disabled overcame their problems within one month of changing their lighting to full-spectrum.

My point being, if you have fluorescent lights currently in the room where your children tend to hang out most and where they study, you should experiment with changing to full-spectrum lights.

So often it is little things like this that are so easy to change in our households that can make a big difference in how well learning happens. Things done so our children get more sleep, better food, less illness, and more sunlight are so easily accomplished even under the tightest budgets.

Often people wonder how in the world homeschooling parents with little formal education turn out these beautifully educated and non-agressive children. Could it just be their choice of light bulbs?

Learning under full spectrum lighting
by Fulight
  • Comfortable daylight white 6000K providing color correct illumination (False-color white lighting damages your vision)
  • Significant Energy Saving: 5W = 40W incandescent bulb, Annual energy cost $0.60 only, Save up to $155 through lifetime
  • GREEN ECO FRIENDLY: no flickering, no UV light, no buzzing ballast, and no mercury
  • Applications: Reading, Kids Room, Makeup, Food Stores, Studio, Artworks & Medical lighting, wherever you need TRUTH & HEALTH!!
  • Lifetime = 50000hrs(or 34years); Warranty: 3 years

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