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Some Must Fall, by Clair St.Claire

Clair St.Claire, homeschooled in the country all her life, began writing her debut novel at age thirteen. She has had a passion for writing since her parents taught her how, moving her to write her first book, Some Must Fall, a medieval fantasy following Prince Istus as he fights for his father’s failing kingdom.

At first, she wrote only as recreation, refusing to call the work a “book” but instead a “story” until she read Eragon by Christopher Paolini, a homeschooler who wrote his own novel at fifteen. Eragon became her favorite book and inspired her to publish after finishing the final draft three years later.

When Clair graduated from high school at sixteen, she began spreading the word about her novel, aiming to connect with fantasy readers around the world. She especially hopes to share her work with teens looking for books with a more moral message than those in the modern day Young Adult genre.

Experienced with teaching herself after sixteen years of homeschooling, she learned how to write and market Some Must Fall on her own, spending long hours with books like The Elements of Style and The Oxford Guide to Writing.

Some Must Fall, by Clair St.Claire
by Clair St.Claire
Read Inside
There is trouble in Byriad. Istus is the descendent of a lineage of kings, but as he trains to take his father’s throne, a rebel king is rising. The northbound lands have fallen to rebel reign, and mercenaries sail the wintertide sea. Swept from the comfort and safety of his castle, Istus is thrust into a world of suffering and suspicion, to find light only as a star rises to the heavens and a Grey Falcon dashes the sky. The rebel king is rising. But in order for others to rise… …some must fall.

Because of her unique upbringing Clair was able to travel with her family to Europe where many of the medieval castles and places inspired those in her mythical world of Ala’tona. Her family was also instrumental in her writing, her younger brother, Will, helping tremendously with many plot twists and also serving as a character in the novel.

Clair St.Claire intends two more books to follow Some Must Fall in the series, The Coming Crown. She hopes that these books will not only encourage young authors but also promote homeschooling since she says she “loved every moment and could never have written Some Must Fall without it”.

People can contact Clair St.Claire through her website, and also through: Facebook, Goodreads, or Twitter.

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