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Help make A2Z better and enter to WIN a $25 gift card!

I need your help to keep A2Z up with all the things you need for your homeschool! Answer this quick 8 question survey and get entered to win a $25 gift card!
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Give these STEM Activities a try!

STEM lessons? What are they? Learn more about STEM lessons and start incorporating them into your own homeschool curriculum with these activity ideas!
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Confidence Building Ideas For Your Homeschooler

We all want our children to have self-confidence but how do you help them boost their self-esteem? Try one of these ideas to help your homeschooler build confidence and realize their amazing potential.
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Last Minute STEM Fair Project Ideas!

Need a last-minute STEM Fair Project? Here are 50 ideas that can be completed in two weeks or less!
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Project Based Learning and STEM Badging

Project based learning is one of the most promising strategies for enabling deeper learning. Learn how you can combine it with STEM badging to help your child learn!
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Get the Grandparents INVOLVED!

Grandparents can be a wonderful homeschool resource. Here are some ideas to help get them INVOLVED in your homeschooling!
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Perfect Playdough Ideas for All Grades

One of my go-to manipulatives is playdough. Celebrate National Play-Doh Day with these educational playdough activities for ages 2 and up!
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Everything A2Z: Resource Roundup for September

Need some inspiration for this month? Find everything we have A2Z for your September homeschooling.
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How to Stay Sane While Homeschooling

Homeschooling isn’t merely an educational choice, it’s a lifestyle. Here are a few of our tips for minimizing those difficult moments homeschooling!
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It’s Not Too Late! Get Your STEM Fair Project Ready!

The Online Homeschool STEM Fair is coming to an end but it isn't too late to start your project! Get all the information and help here!
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Get Your Preschooler Ready to Read

It felt like you barely blinked and now your baby is now standing before you as a preschooler, ready and eager to learn. How do you get them ready to read?
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Check out the STEM Fair Prizes!

The Online Homeschool STEM Fair's end is in sight, it is now time to talk PRIZES! While it is always fun to put together your project we know that you really want to know "what will I get when I win?"
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Recycle and Reuse: Manipulatives You Can Make!

Think out of the box to create your own educational manipulatives to keep your homeschoolers learning!
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Time to Submit Your STEM Fair Video!

That's right, all that preparation and hard work has brought you here and now it is time to submit your video!
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What Do You Really Need to Teach in the Early Years?

Homeschooling the early years can be overwhelming but we are here to help with what you really need to teach for preschool and kindergarten!
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Online Homeschool STEM Fair 2019

This year we are supporting all things STEM with our first ever Online Homeschool STEM Fair! Learn all about our STEM fair and download the free Get Inspired Workbook to help you start planning!
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Why Are Ukuleles A Great Choice For Budding Homeschooled Musicians?

If you have a homeschooled child who loves popular music and who may have never tried a musical instrument before, a ukulele is a fantastic way to start.
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Everything A2Z: Resource Roundup for August

Need some inspiration for this month? Find everything we have A2Z for your August homeschooling.
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Let’s Talk: Submitting Your Video

Get started planning your STEM Fair Video! Check out these helpful tips and grab your free STEM Fair Video Submission Workbook!
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The Results Are IN!

The voting stage is over and we have your picks for the Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards.
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