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Help the 10,100 Fired Teachers in California

Hire one!

Dateline: 3/17/08

By Ann Zeise

Layoff notices set to hit teachers’ mailboxes
by Jill Tucker, SF Chronicle, March 14, 2008
“More than 10,100 teachers will see pink slips in their mailboxes over the next few days as districts up and down California meet a Saturday deadline to warn staff of anticipated layoffs due to the state’s budget crisis.”

Homeschoolers in California and in states where these young teachers may flee, let’s help them in their hour of need.

What? Ann, are you NUTS!

There are about 1 of them to every 16 of us, about the size of an average homeschool support group.

Call this positive public relations if you want. Or “turn the other cheek” tactics, if you are Christian.

If we enfold these teachers into our midsts, let them see that we are fairly wise families with really nice kids, we could wind up with a huge resource of supportive people willing to help us out should our own current political problems grow worse.

So, what can you do with a spare school teacher?

You could invite one to your park day or co-op. Ask them about what they’d really love to teach now that they don’t have to teach to the test. Tell them what the group needs help with. My group needed help coming up with new games for kids of many ages to play together, and someone young to chase around and play these games with the kids. Another group may need help doing nature crafts at the park. Maybe you could use a story teller or someone to teach songs.

What should you pay? Split the cost of any expenses, and then pay maybe $5 per child, giving a break to those who have multiple children participating. Figure that a tutor makes at least $60/hour. Be sensitive about families that can’t afford to pay much, and help them out so their kids won’t feel excluded.

Teens sometime enjoy forming their own cottage high schools and hiring a teacher to come by and teach something maybe a few of them want to learn, but can’t find a parent to teach them — Japanese, Mom?

Some teachers may have a knack for teaching science in the park, even getting kids to participate in a dissection, or something else the moms don’t want to touch with a ten-foot pole!

What will this gain us?

A fresh perspective, and a new, credentialled friend or two, should we ever need one. We are both innocent bystanders, wounded in recent political battles.

In another article I will be showing teachers how to approach you, and offer their services.

For Teachers Who Want to Tutor
You’ve been “pink slipped.” How do you enter the homeschool market?

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