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Alpha Omega Publications Review


Quick Overview 

Grades Covered: K-12 (varies per program)

Religious Affiliation: Yes/Christian  

Complete Curriculum: Yes

Record Keeping: Yes (certain programs)

Alpha Omega Publications Information 

AOP Logo Alpha Omega Publications is a leading provider of Christian-based homeschool curriculums both online and in print.  Alpha Omega Publication has been recognized and awarded for its Christian homeschool curriculum since 1977. 

Alpha Omega Publication started off with its printed curriculum LIFEPAC but then expanded to include Horizons and then brought in computer and online curriculums Monarch and Switched on Schoolhouse. 

The wide spectrum of types of materials offered by Alpha Omega Publication allows them to help homeschool parents create customized curriculums to fit their lifestyle, their homeschoolers learning style, and their wallet. 


Available Alpha Omega Publication Curriculums 


Print Curriculums 

  • LIFEPAC is a complete K-12 program, designed by a team of accomplished educators, that allows the child to work independently and at their own pace through self-directed worktext. This is a mastery-based learning program.


  • Horizons is a brightly illustrated print curriculum that focuses mainly on math and language arts. It is a spiral-based curriculum and is great for students who have trouble focusing. Horizons is a teacher-led curriculum where the parent gives the instruction.


  • Weaver is a unique unit-based, Christian homeschool curriculum created for grades PreK-12. This is a family-based curriculum that uses daily Bible themes as a foundation and then creates lessons for each student to expand the learning opportunities. 



Online Curriculums 

  • Monarch is a media-rich online program that makes record keeping easy! This program provides automated grading and keeps track of all records for up to 7 years! Monarch can be accessed from any computer anywhere with access to wifi. 


  • Switched on Schoolhouse is a computer-based homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12. Switched on Schoolhouse provides instruction through animation, video clips, and fascinating multimedia. This program does not require the internet.


Alpha Omega Academy 

Alpha Omega also offers a private Christian Academy as well. The Alpha Omega Academy gives the freedom of homeschooling with the support of a private Christian school. Alpha Omega Academy is fully accredited regionally by NCA CASI and internationally by the Association of Christian Schools International.  It provides one-on-one access to qualified teachers, as well as the opportunity to receive an accredited high school diploma upon graduation. 


Alpha Omega Academy also features: 

  • Full time and part-time enrollment
  • A global community
  • 150 Bible-based courses
  • Qualified and certified teachers
  • Grade and record keeping services
  • Individualized learning plans for each student 


Alpha Omega Publications Assessment

  • Alpha Omega Publications offers a variety of curriculums to help you find something that will fit your family and your individual homeschoolers. 


  • I love that there is an availability of print, online, and programs that do not require the internet helps to meet a wide variety of homeschool lifestyles. 


  • A great perk with Alpha Omega Publication is the ability to buy parts of the curriculum sets to help make the curriculum even more affordable and customizable. 


  • The Alpha Omega Publication site is easy to use and provides insight to help you decide which curriculum would be best for you as well as homeschool information to help make sure you are on the right path in your homeschooling. 


  • Alpha Omega Publication has a great support staff available to chat online for through phone calls that can help you with your purchases, tech support and more. 


 Monarch Assessment

  • A Monarch family subscription gives you access to 50 online homeschooling courses for up to 3 students in the five subject areas of bible, history, language arts, math, and science.


  • The lessons are set up with clean and easy to understand facts. Many include different media-rich resources. The illustrations are eye-catching and informative. Other sections use video and audio clips, games, or other interactive items that keep the learning interesting and motivating. 


  • The assignment screens are easy to use and understand. It makes it easy for your child to see their daily assignments, due dates, curriculum overviews, and more.


  • The teacher’s dashboard is simple to set up and track assignments. 


  • The program is available solely online so there is nothing to download or install. This makes the program portable and perfect for the homeschooling families on the go. 


  • Allows the student to be self-sufficient and work on their own time and their own pace.


  • Some families might find the number of quizzes, projects, and assignments too much for their homeschoolers. 


  • The cost for families with more than 3 students might become a hardship. 


Pricing Information 


Due to the customization available on this program prices can vary from around $10 for individual subject unit worktexts to around $350-$460 for complete grade sets. 



Due to the customization available on this program prices can vary from around $10 for CDs and workbooks to around $70 to $340 for complete grade sets. 



Due to the customization available on this program prices can vary, from around $5 for help getting started, to around $155-$265 for complete volumes and volume sets.



Individual plans are $39.95 monthly and $399.95 yearly.

Family plans (up to 3 students) are $69.95 monthly and $699.95 yearly. 


Switched on Schoolhouse 

Due to the customization available on this program prices can vary from around $20 for placement tests to around $459 for complete grade sets. 


Alpha Omega Academy


  • Grades 1-5 costs $199 a month or $1592 paid at once.
  • Grades 6-8 costs $249 a month or $1992 paid at once.
  • Grades 9-12 costs $299 a month or $2392 paid at once.


* Prices listed above are based on the average number of credits taken per grade level in a 10-month school year. Actual prices may vary. Policies, procedures, and rates may change. Curriculum shipping fees, if applicable, may not be included.


Top 5 Things We Like about Alpha Omega Publications  

  1. The ability to customize the curriculum to fit your homeschooler.
  2. The variety of print and online curriculum. 
  3. The automatic record-keeping of the Monarch program. 
  4. The variety of price ranges to fit your family’s budget. 
  5. The clear information available on-site to help you make a curriculum decision. 


Alpha Omega Publications is part of our 









Written in paid partnership with Alpha Omega Publications. All opinions are our own.


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