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Back To Homeschool: Fun Homeschool Supplies

Find some must have homeschool supplies for your homeschoolers and yourself!

By Andrea Dillon
*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

Ready to get back into the homeschooling action. Getting new school supplies is my favorite part of the back-to-school activities. Plus, the homeschool perk is that you can get whatever you, and your kids, want! No classroom restrictions! Fun supplies can help you and your homeschoolers enjoy the learning more but the number of fun school supplies out there can be overwhelming. Kick-off the new homeschool year with our curated list of fun homeschool supplies.

Basic Homeschool Supplies Technology Homeschool Supplies Fun Homeschool Supplies
Homeschool Supplies For The Teacher Back To Homeschool Merch Books To Add To Your Homeschool Supply List

Basic Homeschool Supplies 

There are some basic supplies that we all need, HOWEVER, just because they are basic doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Check out these must-have homeschool supplies for your homeschool. 

Hopefully, I have inspired you to add some fun to your homeschool this year and you have found a few items to get started. Which is your favorite on the list? Let me know in the comments below and share your fun homeschool finds with me!


Table Top Magnetic Easel

I never expected to want to need one of these but somewhere during the first year of homeschooling, I found myself holding up a paper with how to spell a word or trying to scoot in close enough to explain a math problem and realized that these tabletop easels are a necessity! What’s even better is that the kids can use them to doodle and explain this to me as well.




Ticonderoga Pencils

I think most of you knew that these were going to be on the list. They are officially the gold standard on pencils, HOWEVER, you don’t have to just get those plain ones. Check out these beautiful holographic ones or these neon color ones!




Pencil Eraser Animal Collection

Let’s face it redoing that math problem for the 5th time will be way more fun if you erase it with a bunny, dolphin, dinosaur,  or lion. Up the fun even more and put them in a claw machine!




Animal Shapes Paper Clips

Dogs, cats, pigs, turtles, and more! Help your kids keep their papers together with these adorable critters. I love using these in my portfolio too!




Buildable Ruler

Turn measurements into playtime with this LEGO ruler. This is great for my fidgeter. Take it apart, put it together, measure, and repeat!




Dry Erase Pocket Sleeves

These you probably already know about but they are worth a mention, especially if you have multiple children and will be reusing workbooks! I also love to use these on printable worksheets to save paper and ink!


Magnetic Arrow bookmarks

My homeschoolers use these a lot. I have found these marking their favorite books, the most common lookups in the dictionary, and in their school planners to mark what they are working on.



Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp Pencil Sharpener

So far this has been our favorite pencil sharpener. It was easy for my kids to use when they were younger and it has lasted over the years. My kids really think it is fun to use this one…I’m not sure why but I don’t question it.



Assorted Dry Erase Markers

Once you have your whiteboard you will need some fun colors for everyone. We like to use different colors for different subjects. Plus having all those colors are great for doodling!




Cute Cartoon Animal Sticky  

If you have to take notes, why not do it with these cute sticky notes. My kids like to pick an animal for each of us so we know who’s note it is by what critter is there.




Little Sprouts Green Bookmarks  

Make reading fun with these little sprouts! This little flexible bookmarks are great to use for textbooks, workbooks, and novels. We have a few of these that we keep around the house.








Technology Homeschool Supplies 

Many homeschoolers are tech homeschoolers with online learning and programs that meet all or some of their curriculum. Just because we are online learning doesn’t mean we can’t have fun homeschool supplies too! Check out these must-have homeschool supplies for online learners.

Hamster Computer Mouse

What is cuter than this little rodent?! Get your kids excited for that online time with a cute little hamster mouse. We have the purple one and all love using it while doing online research and gaming.





Charging Cord Saver

This might be my favorite technology school supply on this list. They are small but these will save you some money! We use them on ALL of our chargers and our plug-in headphones!





Super Versatile Cell Phone & Tablet Stand Holder

I have really grown to love this. It has been amazing and works with our tablets and phones. Perfect for the kids while they are working on the go or watching educational videos at the table!





Amazon Echo Dot

Do you have a question in the middle of the lesson? Ask Alexa! Do you need background music while working on math? Ask Alexa! There are so many fun ways to use this for homeschooling.




Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are a must-have if you are a multiple-child homeschooling family in close quarters! My kiddos like to work together at the table but with both computers playing different lessons it quickly becomes a headache. We tried regular headphones but it was easy for my easily distracted homeschooler to still miss important information so these saved the day! Also great for me to use on days that the kiddos are having way too much fun while I’m working!




Digital Microscope

Take the science learning with you everywhere with this little wonder. We actually have two of these, one that stays at home and one that is in our travel bag so we can look at different things no matter where we are.





LapGear Designer Lap Desk with Phone Holder and Device Ledge

I put this in the tech category because it will most likely be used with laptops, however, this can be used all the time. Most likely you will be planning and homeschooling away from a desk and this gadget is a lifesaver! I’m acutally using this one right now to write this from the comfort of my couch instead of the hard desk.








Fun Homeschool Supplies (Funschooling)

Let’s talk about funschooling! While we all strive to make homeschool fun everyday, there are days that you just want to have a funschooling day. The homeschool supplies are for those days!


Weather Science Kit  

These kits are educational but also really really fun. Learn about the weather or pick up the salt water robot, or the clean water science kit for a day of learning without the textbooks.





Osmo – Genius Starter Kit 

I was on the fence about these for years until I got one. These are perfect for fun learning days! There is just so many things you can do with them for varous ages. Check out the Pizza Game  or Dective Agency for ages 5-12.


Shifu Orboot

Learn about the world in an interactive virtual way with this augmented reality globe. My kids have learned about so many new things thanks for this neat globe.




Squishy Human Body

Take apart the human body and get a hands on look at how it all works with this funschooling item. This is one that still comes off the shelf regularly in my house and my kids are always looking up more about organs thanks to this squishy box of fun.



Wooden Stacking Stones

These are marketed toward preschool but I can tell you from experience that everyone in the family will love them. They might not look educational at first glance but these stones will teach you patience and be a great fidget item while you are listening to your favorite podcast or audiobook!




Scavenger Art: Creative challenges for curious kids

Get everyone thinking and creating with these scavenger art challenges. We love these for those ho-hum days when we don’t know what to do.



Don’t forget about the games! Find our favorite ones below!


Homeschool Supplies For The Teacher

The back-to-homeschool fun homeschool supplies aren’t just for the kids. The homeschool teacher needs new homeschool supplies too! These are some of my favorites!


Sticky Note Tabs

These are perfect for lesson planning and making notes of things you need to get for those activities in the middle of the lessons. I also use these in my portfolio to note where I need more images or to add in those art/project activities after they have been displayed for a while on the fridge.





Do Over Highlighters

I have to say that this one was a back-to-school purchase for me but I can see my kids stealing it when they get a little older to take notes in books that they share. Highlight it and then erase it when you are finished with it!



Thermal Laminator

Many of us think we won’t need a laminator homeschooling, but trust me you need it! There are so many great free printables out there that just need to be laminated so your homeschoolers can dry erase on them or so they are durable enough to make it through the park trip. You will need and love your laminator.




 Rotating Organizer

This was my fancy splurge purchase and I don’t regret it at all. We have all the important things in reach whether we are at the kitchen table or the picnic table.




Visual Timer

This is a sanity saver for the homeschooling family. If you have those days where everyone is struggling use this wonderful invention. Everyone has to work on their assigned subject for the length you choose and then move on. Finished or not just move on. It helps keep the frustration at bay and you will be surprised at what actually gets accomplished!




Expanding File Folder

In my attempt to be more organized I found this gem. Not only do I have the homeschool papers organized but it is in this colorful folder too! I’m not sure why but having the color makes it easier to use and remember what goes where.




Cute Gel Pens  

Whether I am making notes about what we need to do for the week or helping my children with a problem, these pens make it more fun. Just make sure to grab extra because the kids are going to steal them!






Desktop Note/Document Tower 

Do you have thousands of papers and sticky notes all over the place? This tower has saved the day with somewhere to stick what is needed to be seen. Use it for shared sheets when everyone needs to view or to leave yourself notes on what is up next.



Sticky Note Holder

Speaking of sticky notes, I had the hardest time finding mine until I invested in this cute little cat. It holds my notes right where I need them during lesson time and the rest of the day.





Jumbo Dry Erase Wall Calendar

At some point, you realize that homeschooling rarely means that you are actually at home. We tend to be all over the place with appointments, co-ops, clubs, and park days. Keep track of it all with this calendar! Pro-tip: assign a different color for each person or reoccurring activity so you can tell what is going on with one glance!



BIC 4-Color 3+1 Ballpoint Pen and Pencil

Who didn’t love the multicolor pens growing up! This takes that to the next level and is seriously my favorite pen ever. This was another purchase for me that my kids stole. It is perfect for all of us though with three colors and a mechanical pencil! We own many of these and, like the LEGO Bricks, they are in every room!




20 Pcs Translucent Thumb Tacks Colorful Gummy Bears Push Pins

Hang up the artwork, the letters, and all the other important items on your corkboard with these adorable push pins.




Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Are you a journal keeper? Do you take a 1000 notes and have so many notebooks just hanging out? Use something that will take up less space! Try this reusble smart notebook.







Back To Homeschool Merch

The back-to-homeschool fun doesn’t stop at the pens and pencils. Grab some homeschool-themed merch to show off! These are a few of our favorite homeschool shirts, bags, and more!

Click the images to go to order these:




Books To Add To Your Homeschool Supply List 

Books are always a good thing to add to your homeschool. These are a few of our favorites for your homeschool.


Everything You Need Books 

We love these books to help us with extra things we need to learn.

Also check out the Science, World History, Maths, Computer Science, Geometry, Chemistry, and Biology.



Spelling Dictionary

Help your kids find out how to spell words with this spelling dictionary. My kids love using this!





Britannica Kids’ Encyclopedia  

This is a great book to leave in those places where kids might get bored and need something to look at. Soon your homeschoolers will be telling you all about the various facts inside!




What are some of your favorite homeschool supplies from the list? What fun homeschool supplies are you getting this year? Let me know in the comments below and Happy Back To Homeschool!


Don’t forget we have our First Day Of Homeschooling Ideas and FREE First Day of Homeschool Printables available too!


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