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CodeWizardsHQ Review


Quick Overview 

Grades Covered: 3-12 

Religious Affiliation: None

Complete Curriculum: Yes (Coding) 

Record Keeping: Yes (Parent Updates and Certificates)

CodeWizardsHQ Information 

CodeWizardsHQ, created by a father for his daughter, is the leader of online coding for children and teens ages 8-18. Their online coding classes provide buildable skills to help beginners to intermediate learners. The online coding classes for kids provide live instruction and are presented in a fun interactive way to help students gain confidence in their skills.

CodeWizardsHQ teaches Python, Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages. These classes are provided using a kid-friendly, student-first approach and are designed to engage students with a curriculum that is challenging and fun. CodeWizardsHQ’s coding platform features a gamified reward system to help inspire interest and encourage students to want to learn. Your homeschooler will create working web pages and games while building a robust portfolio using this program.

CodeWizardsHQ provides vetted instructors that are experienced coders. All of the instructors pass rigorous background checks, are trained, and continue to develop their skills through professional development. 

CodeWizardsHQ has a 93% success rate. 

Homeschool Program Features

  • 12 sessions divided into 6 or 12 weeks
  • Small group instruction 
  • Perfect for beginners 
  • Placement test available for those who have some coding experience 
  • Flexible class times 
  • Certificates to show completion of classes 
  • Intern opportunities for graduates

Student Support 

Students aren’t just learning during class time. Students are provided access to course materials and recorded sessions to review course content that is available 24 hours a day. Students also get 24-hour email support from teachers and live one-on-one teacher help during office hours.

Parent Support

In addition to the robust curriculum, CodeWizardHQ also provides communication with parents to keep them informed of their child’s progress. Parents will receive weekly updates that include links to their homeschooler’s projects.

Program Technology Requirements

The CodeWizardHQ program provides classes without requiring additional software. 

Students need: 

  • A computer
  • A speaker
  • A microphone
  • Internet browser
  • A keyboard
  • A web camera 
  • A reliable internet connection


CodeWizardsHQ Assessment

  • The ease of use in the CodeWizardHQ program makes it perfect for beginners or those who have some coding experience. This is great for parents who have homeschoolers that want to learn to code, but have no previous experience to help them learn. 


  • CodeWizardsHQ’s hands-on activities and project-based classes are held for an hour once per week, which allows it to fit in with the homeschooler’s schedule easily. 


  • These engaging projects from CodeWizardsHQ are provided in interesting pop-culture-themed lessons that encourage students to want to learn and participate. 


  • Support is available for students at all hours of the day. There is no need for the parent to struggle to understand when the materials are available for review and teachers are just an email away for help. 


  • A huge perk of CodeWizardsHQ is that there is no need to purchase special software or equipment for their classes. Your homeschoolers only need a basic computer, browser, and internet access. 


  • Weekly updates for parents provide easy record-keeping and no need to search to understand how your homeschooler is doing in the class. This makes it easy to let go of some parent/teacher oversight and let your homeschooler learn. 


  • The variety of coding education helps to provide homeschoolers with real-world skills to learn the new in-demand coding programs that will be at the forefront of future careers.


  • As homeschoolers, we know and value one-on-one instruction. CodeWizardsHQ’s small class sizes allow for better instruction and valuable teacher/student interaction time to help facilitate learning. 


  • The certificates provided upon class completion are perfect for homeschool documentation for your homeschooler’s portfolio. 


Pricing Information 

CodeWizardHQ tuition is divided into 3 payments of $149.  However, they do provide group pricing options:

1-3 students pay $149 per student per month

4 students pay $119 per student per month 

5 students pay $109 per student per month 

6 students pay $99 per student per month 


There is no contract. You may cancel anytime with a 30-day notice, and there are no cancellation fees. CodeWizardsHQ additionally provides a 100% money-back guarantee if notified within the first 4 class sessions.


Top 5 Things We Like about CodeWizardsHQ  

  1. The browser-based learning without the need for additional software.
  2. The certificates for class completion are great for portfolios.  
  3. The group pricing is perfect for families or Co-Op groups.
  4. The placement tests for students who have some coding experience.
  5. The internship program for graduates of the CodeWizardsHQ program.



 CodeWizardsHQ is part of our 

Written in paid partnership with CodeWizardsHQ. All opinions are our own.

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