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Time4Learning Demos

Foreign Language Curriculum Homeschool

Foreign language curriculum for children to help them learn Spanish, Latin, French, Arabic, Greek and more.

Help Learning A Language
~ Multiple Languages
~ Arabic
~ Asian Languages
~ Bilingual – ESL
~ Classic Languages
~ French
~ German
~ Hebrew
~ Japanese
~ Latin
~ Spanish

Find more resources on our other page Foreign Language Learning for Kids 

Help Learning A Language on Your Own

Languages of the World
Trying to decide what language to learn? This page tells you how many speakers there are in the world and where it is spoken.

Multiple Languages

Diplomat Languages
European-style homeschooling in Texas, L.A., Las Vegas, and New York: languages/cultures (French, Italian, English/ESL); European arts (painting, drama, dance, cuisine, etc.).4e3ee

Global Child French and Spanish Language Programs
Uses movement, manipulatives, and visuals for involving, delighting, and motivating children. Children learn because they are enjoying themselves. Use once a week with young children.

Learn Plus Interactive Online Courses
In-depth Spanish and German courses online with an instructor available for a fee. First through third years.

Learnables, The
Students look at hundreds of pictures and listen to tape recordings of words and simple sentences by native speakers.

The British Broadcasting Corporation’s fun and friendly language-learning program for children 1 to 12.

We offer a variety of learner-friendly educational courses, promoting key skill areas such as literacy and numeracy through spatial learning strategies for English, Math, French and German. Based in UK. Teacher help.

Professor Toto Language Education Series
Toddlers, preschoolers, grades K-6 (ages 2 to 12) love to watch, listen, color, play, and sing-along to the Professor’s lively, colorful animated characters, happy vocabulary-building songs, and funny language immersion games. Available for French, Spanish and English.

Powered by Rosetta Stone®, a proven, award-winning language learning program, Time4Languages courses allow students to learn another language without memorization or even translation. Students learn in an easy to follow, self-paced method.


Critical Language Service
Using interactive video conferencing, Critical Language Service provides practical and academic Arabic courses to K-12 schools, after-school programs, homeschool groups and students, colleges, independent learning groups, institutes, and individual students. Courses are taught by highly qualified native speakers live from the Middle East. Class time is fun, dynamic, and engaging. It’s a traditional classroom with a high-tech twist—the teacher’s on a screen.

Medinah Arabic Language Program
Arabic language books by Dr. V. Abdur-Raheem, a professor in the Faculty of Languages of the Islamic University of Medinah al-Munawwara. Offered through the ArabesQ Homeschooling website.

Asian Languages

Asia For Kids
Global resource for teaching Asian languages and cultures.

Lingo Bus 
Lingo Bus is an online Chinese learning platform that focuses on children’s education ages 5 through 12. We teach live classes over the internet around the world to children learning Chinese, wherever and whenever is convenient for you, and your family.

Bilingual – ESL

World of Reading
We offer foreign language & ESL software in over 30 languages, from preschool through adult – for PCs or Macintosh – with all products at or below the retail price.

Classic Languages

Greek & Stuff
Greek, Latin and Biblical resources for homeschool families.

Rummy Roots or More Roots
Greek and Latin roots, when combined together, form many of our English words.  Knowing these root meanings adds a deeper level of comprehension. Played as a familiar card game, these roots are learned and reinforced.


L’Art de Lire
French Program geared toward home study students in grades 3-8. From Nallenart. Sold in Canada and US.

Learn French at Home
…but not alone. Learn French in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Experience personalized French lessons via Skype with a professional, friendly and a caring native French teacher. Receive customised homework after each lesson.


Our site offers visitors not only extensive information on learning German in Vienna, including all there is to know about our wide range of courses, accommodation facilities, and cultural programme, but also sample exercises, a guide to Vienna, travel information and many other interesting topics.


Hebrew Online
With Hebrew online, you have the chance to learn Hebrew in a fun and instructive manner from some of Israel’s top educators – live on the Internet.


The 138 Irasshai video lessons get up close and intimate with viewer learners. Dr. Tim Cook, an Emmy award-winning instructor, takes students on a personal journey to where Japanese is spoken.

Yes Japan
Our online Japanese lessons blow the competition out of the water. a subscription-based membership, yet it is less expensive than many of the CD or other more “traditional” Japanese courses. We have Ask a Teacher services. Based on user feedback, our lessons are constantly updated to be more understandable.


Artes Latinae is intended for students of age ten and older. It covers two years of high-school Latin and meets foreign language requirements. Publisher’s Site. Available on CD-rom for PC. Mac Users can run if using SoftWindows 3.0.

Cambridge Latin Course
With a 30 year history of development and revision, the Cambridge Latin Course (CLC) has established itself as the leading beginner’s course for Latin.

Ecce Romani
An inductive program, an immersion program where you learn the language by using it rather than analyzing it.

Magister Lennon
I have mapped out an Introductory Latin, Latin I & Latin II curriculum, so your child will receive a wholesome education that is centered around history, culture, and Roman Daily life. The Introductory Latin and Latin I (Latin 1) class is 100% free. If you wish to have your student continue in Latin II (Latin 2), it will be $25.00/student/2 semesters. (If enrolling more than 1 student, the price is negotiable.)


Use the Spanish-4-You lessons at home! This program has been popular and successful in S0. California for many years. Now you can use their digital lesson plans in your home to help your homeschoolers learn Spanish.

Spanish Lessons for Sale
Entry level Spanish lessons for young homeschoolers.

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