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Best Magazines For Kids

Order magazines to incite your kids to read more about their favorite subjects

Activities and Stories
Boys Magazines
Girls Magazines
History & Culture
Sports and Health

Activities and Stories

Cicada ~ Cicada is a magazine for teenagers and young adults offering high-quality fiction and poetry dealing with the issues of growing up, leaving the joys and pains of childhood behind, and becoming an adult. It is filled with enough different ideas, styles, and subjects to please any intelligent reader. Youth may contribute their compositions and stories to this magazine for publication.
Cricket ~ Cricket is the award-winning magazine that makes reading fun for 9- to 14-year-olds, with an emphasis on the pleasures of reading and expanding children’s worlds. Each issue is filled with literature ranging from folk tales to fantasy and adventure to poetry, fiction, history and biography to science and sports, as well as colorful illustrations and plenty of humor.
Jack & Jill ~ Award-winning Jack and Jill (ages 7-12) keeps kids entertained with engaging stories, challenging games, colorful comics, kid-centered interviews, recipes and crafts. Readers are also encouraged to share their creativity by submitting their own stories, poems, articles, jokes and drawings for publication.
Ladybug ~ Toddlers, preschoolers and early readers love Ladybug, which is designed to capture beginning readers with lively read-aloud stories, games for memory and skill-building, songs, poems and age-appropriate activities, along with colorful illustrations and photos. Parents also receive a free online Parents’ Companion that recommends other activities, crafts and books.
Spider ~ Spider is aimed at independent young readers ages 6 to 9, filled with lively stories and poems, fascinating articles, and puzzles, games and special projects. Every issue of Spider is carefully designed to challenge and engage beginning readers, turning them into creative, independent thinkers.

Boys Magazines

Boys Life ~ Boys’ Life magazine (ages 7-17) is the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America. Every issue of Boys’ Life features adventure, fun and excitement. Great stories, jokes, scouting tips and examples of good citizenship make Boys’ Life a perennial favorite.

Girls Magazines

American Girl ~ American Girl magazine is an appropriate, entertaining, and informative magazine for girls over eight years old. A great alternative to more traditional teen magazines, each issue of American Girl magazine includes craft ideas, puzzles, contests, advice, games, and other fun activities and articles.
Discovery Girls ~ A magazine created by girls, for girls ages 8-12. Winner of a 2011 NAPPA Gold Award and a 2011 Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Discovery Girls gives girls advice, encouragement & inspiration. Plus each issue is packed with quizzes, embarrassing moments, contests, fashion and much more!
New Moon Girls ~ New Moon Girls is the unique, ad-free, global magazine and fully-moderated social network for learning and creative self-expression. Best quality content by/for grades 3-8 explores the world and develops empathy and confidence. Frequent Parents’ Choice and Golden Lamp winner.
Teen Vogue ~ Since Elaine Welteroth became editor, the magazine’s journalism has included a video report from the Standing Rock protest, a piece about recreational drugs being used to treat depression, and the exposure of homophobic tweets of Republican politicians. Duca’s op-ed might have gone viral, partly due to an element of surprise – Teen Vogue published this! – but it isn’t surprising to those of us who have been reading the magazine.

History & Culture Magazines

Cobblestone ~ Cobblestone is the award-winning American history magazine for kids ages 9 to above (grades 4 and up). Future historians will enjoy reading about many events and places, such as Colonial Williamsburg to famous battles of the Civil War, to the Gold Rush, to the Korean War.
Faces ~ Faces helps kids ages 9 to above (grades 4 and up) understand how people in other countries and cultures live. Each issue focuses on a different culture – from Jordan to the emerging Asian states – including stories about daily life, folk tales, and history and traditions of the people and places.

Math Magazines

Dell Original Sudoku ~ Dell’s flagship Sudoku magazine! Spend just minutes learning the rules and enjoy hours of solving fun. You’ll find over 180 puzzles at four difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, and challenger — a real treat! With more easy and medium puzzles than Dell Extreme Sudoku, this magazine is perfect for both beginners and more experienced solvers. Includes two jumbo issues. Digest size, 4 issues-112 pages and 4 issues-160 pages.

Science Magazines

Ask ~ ASK magazine is an innovative children’s publication that focuses on the arts and sciences. Geared at children age’s seven to ten, it includes topics and themes that children have a natural curiosity about, such as the human body, Earth, animals, and nature. Each issue of ASK magazine includes fun facts, stories, and illustrations designed to spark your child’s interest, educating while also entertaining.
Click ~ Science, math, the environment and other topics come alive for kids age 3 to 7 in every issue of Click magazine. This educational, skill-building publication is colorful and easy to read, making science accessible to even young children, and uses games and news on current trends in each of 10 issues per year to make learning fun.
Dig ~ Tombs, mummies, dinosaurs – budding archaeologists ages 9 to 14 are off to new adventures at archaeological sites around the world, where they look over the shoulders of professional archaeologists working in the field to unearth important finds. But not all archaeology takes place at a dig site – DIG also brings readers right into working laboratories and museums to learn about cutting-edge conservation techniques. Interviews with onsite archaeologists give children a well-rounded view what archaeology is really all about.

Kindle Magazines are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when you’re not wirelessly connected.

Muse ~ Muse is the science and discovery magazine for children ages 10 and up from the publishers of Smithsonian. Every issue of Muse explains to curious kids how and why the world works, including nature, mechanics, geography, chemistry, archaeology and much more. Plus, every issue of Muse also includes cartoons, contests, web site recommendations and great photos.
OWL ~ OWL is loaded with fascinating articles and amazing facts for 9 to 13 yr olds. Each issue includes science behind how things work, quizzes, contests, and topics on everyday life. With breaking news stories and mind-boggling puzzles, it’s a thought-provoking, entertaining place for kids to grow.
Ranger Rick ~ Boys and girls age 7 and older love Ranger Rick! This fun and educational magazine is packed with amazing stories, fantastic photos, great games and much more that help kids sharpen their reading skills and develop a deeper appreciation for our natural world. Every issue brings kids close to nature’s cuddly creatures with wild animal photos, cool nature facts, fun games, puzzles and crafts, real kid adventures and so much more! Give that special child the amazing adventures of the #1 nature magazine for kids! Ranger Rick is packed with wild, wacky, wonderful fun!
Zoobooks ~ Zoobooks magazine is the ultimate guide for kids to the most fascinating animals, birds, reptiles and insects. Every issue includes a pullout activities section of fun-filled word puzzles, games and easy-to-do projects about animals that will keep them absorbed for hours! Zoobooks is packed with amazing information, eye-opening revelations and intriguing answers to all your child’s questions about all the exotic creatures in the animal kingdom.

Sports & Health

Sports Illustrated Kids ~ Articles in Sports Illustrated Kids focus on the positive lessons that can be learned from athletes and the world of sports, including goal setting, overcoming challenges and obstacles, striving to be your best, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Young Rider ~ Young Rider is an equestrian magazine for young riders that teaches them how to ride and look after their horses properly. Young Rider offers riding instruction, horse care information and horse interest features. Plus, every issue of Young Rider also includes a breed profile, a quiz, a puzzle page, a pen pal section and reader pictures and contributions.

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