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Out of the Box Learning, by Beverly Burgess

Empowering YOU on Your Homeschool Journey

Out of the Box Learning: Empowering YOU on Your Homeschool Journey
by Beverly Burgess
What does a mother do when she is told her child will never be able to learn? Beverly assumes public school will provide everything her son Patrick needs to succeed; but he’s been beaten down by the system, and failing and falling further behind as each year passes. At each turn, she is met with devastating system roadblocks, and told she doesn’t have what it takes to help her child. In many respects, she feels the professionals may be right. Will she be able to discover the educational path he needs? Or, will she too, fail her child? OUT OF THE BOX LEARNING tells of the deep courage of one mother who realizes that only she has the power to turn around her son’s education. It is both heartfelt story, and step-by-step guide to alternative learning through homeschooling. OUT OF THE BOX LEARNING will inspire readers to rethink the landscape and purpose of education, when we fully trust our kids as inherent learners.

About the Author
Beverly Burgess, is passionate about homeschooling and alternative learning. As a Homeschool Coach with over a decade in home-schooling experience, she has helped hundreds of families on their journey to homeschooling. She was the Executive Director of a large nonprofit homeschooling group from 2009-2016, runs an in-ternational social media support group for homeschool group lead-ers, and has been featured in magazine articles and podcasts and with Taming the High Cost of College, and College Funding Re-source. She has been a keynote speaker at Homeschooling Through Highschool and Introduction to Homeschooling workshops for the public, and is a fervent advocate for homeschooling rights and law. Bev coaches new and seasoned homeschoolers through all stages of home education, and is an admitted curriculum hoarder. In her pre-homeschooling life, Bev was a Registered Nurse and held advanced certification in Neurosurgical Intensive Care Nursing, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Critical Care Nursing, and spent almost twenty years working on the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit at a big city hospital. She has contributed to national studies on Tourette’s Syndrome and ran a large adoption support group in Rhode Island as well as having served as chairperson for a $2-million-dollar capital campaign for green building initiative. She, her husband of twenty-six years and their three children, ages 12, 17 and 20 live in Rhode Island with an array of animals and big organic vegetable garden. Her oldest is a junior at a small liberal arts college in Vermont and is a writing major. Contact Bev through her website: http://www.beverlyburgess.com or [email protected]

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