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Homeschool Secrets Of Success by Sonya Chappell

How To Avoid The Battle Zone, Motivate Your Kids And Build The Homeschool Of Your Dreams

Homeschool Secrets Of Success: How To Avoid The Battle Zone, Motivate Your Kids And Build The Homeschool Of Your Dreams
Kindle Edition
by Sonya Chappell
This invaluable guide will prove to you that the biggest secret to a successful homeschool is motivation. Because when you choose how to homeschool, there is an elephant in the
room. And that’s you. You are the parent. But now you are the teacher too. That is potentially an enormous problem on the motivation front.
Picture this: What happens when you end up in lots of battles with the kids? The kids aren’t interested. They don’t want to learn. You are tearing your hair out. This is their future …Can’t they realize that? What if they don’t get any exams or qualifications? They will have failed. And you will have failed too.
This guide shows you exactly what things you can do in your homeschool to get your kids happy and enthusiastic – and what not to do.
Dealing with common homeschool problems like this plea: “Desperate for enlightenment. My kid refuses to do any work,” the book contains indispensable homeschooling help for all homeschoolers, old and new alike.

Based on unique experience from one of the few second generation homeschool families and suggestions from more than 8,500 Facebook fans, Secrets of Success will show you:

  • What makes a good homeschool teacher
  • Practical steps to keep your kids motivated and in love with learning
  • How to make a homeschool schedule which works for all of you
  • How to deal with the potential nightmare of homeschooling high school and the responsibility of motivating kids through exams
At all times practical, this upbeat guide is essential reading whatever homeschooling method you follow.
  • Whether you stick to a strict schedule with clear academic targets, decide on relaxed homeschooling, or let your child lead the way and unschool, this guide will teach you the essential steps to success using real-life insights from homeschoolers who have ‘been there and done that.’
  • With a homeschool son now going to Oxford University and a daughter following an unschooling route as a talented artist, the author argues that most parents misunderstand what makes young people motivated. This problem becomes particularly acute when it comes to homeschooling high school and the responsibility for getting your children through exams.
  • Getting your unmotivated teen on-side is something all parents struggle with. Learning to trust your child and accept what they say – even though you may not agree with it – is one of the homeschooling lessons which is hardest to put into practice. Uncovering the five common motivational mistakes made by parents, the book concludes by proving that the academic route is not the only path to homeschooling success.
  • Drawing on inspiration from leading educationalists like John Holt, Ken Robinson, Charlotte Mason and Maria Montessori, you will find a wealth of practical help so that you can make homeschooling the best and most fulfilling thing you’ve ever done.
  • “It is time to think outside the box and teach your child to embrace a life of learning. This book will give you the tools to do that.” ~ Lisa Vaugh

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