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Time4Learning Demos

Software Shareware Programs Mac Windows

Unless otherwise noted, links below are all off-site links with whom I have no commercial connection.

Apple Store for the Home Educator
Mac OS X. Demos and Shareware. Latest software available, most for a steep discount.

Mac games from my favorie shareware company. Chiral, a favorite of my son’s, teaches ion bonding chemistry in a Tetris-like game.

Apple Accessibility
Mac, iPhone, and iPod. Freeware/Shareware apps, utilities and programs to make the disabled able to use their Apple products.

Aunt Annie’s Crafts
Windows. Commercial & demos. Craft software to enjoy with children and teens: puppets, games to make, paper airplanes and more.

Bed Bugs Interactive Fairytale
Windows. $10. Interactive software you can download to help your child, ages 4 and up, learn to read today.

Creation Engine: Academic Discounts on Software
Ann, we will offer any homeschool people that visit your website free shipping on their orders. All they have to do is enter promo code “gomilpitas” when they check out.

DynoTech Software
Windows software with try-before-you-buy demos. Java page. Slow loading.

Educational Fontware
Mac & Windows. Commercial. We sell our TrueType fonts as families, with numerous variations for both Cursive and Manuscript in each family. The variations typically include dots, outlines, arrows, and rules, with combinations.

Gameco Software
Mac. 15 Math and 5 Language Arts programs to try before you buy (Grade levels 1-8).

Grey Olltwit Games/Educational Programs
Windows freeware educational games. Most seem customizable to your child’s age and abilities and interests.

Knowledge Probe
Windows. Free educational word games and math puzzles for all ages. It’s all about numbers, words and letters – You might find them addictive!

LEGO Education
Innovating hands-on products. Program your LEGO robots.

Mom ‘N’ Pop’s Software
Windows. Commercial. Has a large selection of religious and ham radio software.

N’Lightning Software
Windows. Commercial. We are innovators of biblically-based, Christian computer games – Christian games that provide hours of fun, challenge, and enjoyment.

Open Source Mac
Free, open-source software for Mac OS X.

Owl & Mouse Educational Software
Windows. Free. Interactive maps that teach, reading skills, medieval topics, and active learning projects.

Sheppard Software
Windows. Shareware. Our software turns learning into an exciting game. Has new “College Admissions Predictor” software.

Sight Words Buddy 1.0
Windows. This free software offers multiple-choice exercises for K-3 students and adults learning how to read. Uses the Dolch Word List.

Mac & Windows. Maxis offers this wonderful community site to support their “Sim” games. SimCity is our favorite, because it does a fairly good job at teaching the ins and outs of city planning.

Windows. Free program for that budding architect, engineer, scientist or planner in your household.

StarOffice 7.0
Win Linux Solaris. Sun’s software to compete with MS Office. Includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software and drawing programs free for educators – including homeschoolers. Training free, too.

The Super Start Project
Older PCs. Program that encourages parents and siblings to record their voices for a baby. The voices are put in sync with pictures of various objects. A freeware project. Others encouraged to upload related materials.

TablEdit Tablature Editor
Windows. A program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments. Demo available.

All. Rated and reviewed public and shareware programs.

Wildridge Software
Now you can enjoy both Math & the Cosmos and Math & Music with either a Windows or Macintosh operating system.

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