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Social Studies Lesson Plans

Christopher Columbus Unit Study
This page is an attempt to help parents see all sides of the controversy so that they can better evaluate material they present to their children regarding Columbus and his times, according to the age and maturity of their children.

Homeschoolers for Kerry and Edwards
Activities and lesson plans for children and teens to learn more about the election process by participating in the Kerry-Edwards Campaign.

Games to Practice U.S. States, Capitals, Continents
Use these lists to practice geography with online games. Study and test geography knowledge. Fun for kids of all ages.

All Hands on Deck
Lessons include core knowledge about a subject such as the USS Constitution’s construction, her crew, and her victories in battle, plus related classroom activities.

Joy Hakim: Finding the Stories in Science and History
By Joy Hakim. History dull? The very idea is absurd. History is a story, it’s our story, it’s not dull; it’s just been made so by a chopped up narrow approach.

California Foundation For Agriculture in the Classroom
Resources and activities available to heighten agricultural awareness. Great for rural homeschoolers anywhere.

Geocaching for Kids
This a terrific activity to do as part of your homeschool geography. As well as map reading, this is great for local geography and also often includes some history.

Helping Your Child Learn Geography
Activities for children from 5 to 10 years of age. The contents of this online booklet were prepared by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education.

Lessons in American History
A series of lessons on various topic in American history, broken down by topics, date range, and place.

National Center for History in the Schools, UCLA
US and World History unit study materials for sale. History Standards listed and explained.

National Postal Museum Curriculum Guides
Enrichment ideas and materials using letters and stamps.

Our Documents
The National Archives and Records Administration provides a linked list of important documents in US history and ideas for related lessons.

Remembering Pearl Harbor: The USS Arizona Memorial
Students will better understand the logistics of the Japanese attack, the Arizona ‘s destruction, and the significance of the Memorial to the people of the United States.

A River Ran Wild
Children brought jars of dirty river water to the politicians. They told their parents, “we just want this river the way it was when you were kids. You could swim in it. You could fish in it.”

World history for all ages from a British perspective. Huge site. Tons of resources from interactive websites to worksheets.

Smithsonian Institution Social Studies Lesson Plans
Japanese American Internment, Lewis and Clark, Westward Expansion, Work of Archaeologists, The Changing America Office, Japan, Eskimos, What is Currency, and Winning the Vote.

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