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Homeschool Vendors Used And New

Unless otherwise noted, these are all off-site links with whom I have no commercial connection. These vendors are linked because they have asked to be linked and I thought you’d like them, have been recommended to me by other homeschool families, or I have found on my own and thought looked useful. I am no way responsible for the fulfillment of products in this category, as I am only the provider of the links, which I will do my best to maintain.

Art Material
Suppliers of arts and crafts curriculum, tutoring and other materials.

Audio Tapes & CDs
Vendors of books-on-tape or CDs to enjoy while you are traveling or carschooling.

Award Winning Children’s Books
Each year various organizations award metals for the best in children’s literature and illustration.

Christian Curriculum
Christian-perspective curriculum and suppliers of other materials.

Christian Unit Studies Materials
Suppliers of Christian Fundamentalist unit study curriculum.

Fun Math Books
Recommended books for the reluctant math student. Fun for the whole family.

Game Vendors
Suppliers of new and used games for homeschooling families.

History Bookstore
Ancient history, American history and world history books recommended by your guide and available through Amazon.com.

History & Social Studies
Suppliers of history and social studies curriculum for sale to homeschooling families.

Homeschool T-Shirts, Bumperstickers, Caps, Bags, Whatever
Wear it with pride!

Homeschooling Magazines
Magazines and newsletters helpful to homeschoolers, usually available by mail.

Lab Equipment
Suppliers of science lab equipment for sale to homeschooling families.

Help learning a foreign language on your own and resources to help.

Magazines 4 Kids
Publications designed with the young reader in mind. Often they allow submission of articles from young authors, too.

Math Novels
Stories with numerical themes to puzzle and intrigue you.

Math Software
Mac and Windows, commercial and shareware software such as calculators, math education, logic and computer programming for kids.

Math Stuff
Books, materials and supplies to help you learn math at home.

Music Vendors
Instruments, lessons online or through videos, and sheet music resources.

Natural Science Supplies
Suppliers of natural science and biological supplies for sale to homeschooling families.

Parenting Magazines
Natural parenting publications often popular with homeschooling families.

PE Equipment
Suppliers of interesting items for unschooling PE for sale to homeschooling families.

Planning & Record Keeping
Set goals, track achievements, plan field trips, assign family chores, and other means of maintaining records of your homeschool activities.

Reading Instruction Materials
Suppliers of reading instruction curriculum for sale to homeschooling families.

Science Courses
Commercial resources for elementary through high school science that have been organized to meet grade level or course standards.

Science Kits
Commercial kits for creating science experiments, building physics and electronical toys, and other fun things.

Science Software
Games, tools and reference software to help children get science concepts.

Science Supplies
General science catalogs.

Educational software for children.

Special Needs Curriculum Vendors
Curriculum for homeschooling special needs and learning disabled children.

Unit Studies For Sale
Suppliers of unit studies available for sale to homeschooling families.

Used Curriculum Swaps
Suppliers of used curriculum, games and books online.

Writing Resources
Online classes and other commercial resources to help your young writer.

Writing Software
Mac and Windows, free and commercial software programs.


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