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Time4Learning Demos

Kids Game Vendors

These are all off-site links with whom I have no commercial connection.

Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks
Supplier of multi-sided dice and math and literacy games to play with them.

Educational Learning Games
We offer enriching educational kids board games from all over the world for people of all ages! Parents and teachers will appreciate our low prices and huge variety of educational board games.

Fun Again Games
These folks find and refurbish new and old games for you.

Learning Together, Playing Together
This is one of many resources Bernie DeKoven has online, that he’s been gathering for the last 35 years. Bernie designs games, advises other game designers, runs workshops, writes books, in short, he does whatever he can find that will make fun more accessible to more people.

Patriot Challenge
A board game that celebrates the American journey from past to present day. Players follow the footsteps of famous people, relive exciting events, and experience American culture in this unique game where stamp art chronicles the American story.

Very inexpensive games, cards and pads, etc. Handy for making your own games. Most products in $2-3 range. Our favorite: the card game “Five-State Rummy,” a fun family game that will help all learn where the states are in relation to one another. (Available on Amazon from resellers now.)

Each player draws 9 letter tiles from a pool of 304 letter tiles. Someone says “Go” and everyone turns their tiles right side up and begins to construct a crossword puzzle. All words must connect just like a crossword puzzle.

Uncommon Games
Although we cover such a wide industry, we search high and low to bring you the best products available at the highest value for your particular area of passion in the world of games. 10% off through October 2009. Use coupon code HSWM10.

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