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Language Arts Books

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.


The Deluxe Transitive Vampire
The Ultimate Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed
by Gordon , Karen Elizabeth
Our favorite, totally irreverant book about English grammar. Wildly imaginative example sentences. Exorcise such grammatical demons as passive voice, fragments, comma splices, and run-on sentences.

The Elements of Style
by Strunk, William, Jr. and E. B. White
Tiny book with concise instructions on how to write well…. errrr… correctly.

English for the Thoughtful Child
by Mary Hyde
The recommended 2nd grade English text in the homeschooling book The Well-Trained Mind, A Guide to Classical Education At Home.

English from the Roots Up
Help for Reading, Writing, Spelling, and S.A.T. Scores : Greek Latin
by Joegil K. Lundquist
“I have homeschooled for 6 years. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the origins of our English language. The author is very knowledgeable and convinces you that you can be successful with this program!”

In the Middle
New Understandings About Writing, Reading, and Learning
by Atwell, Nancie
Nancie advocates real world writing in this the second edition of her popular book for teaching teenagers to write.

Letting Go of the Words, Second Edition: Writing Web Content that Works
by Janice (Ginny) Redish
Ginny Redish is a world-renowned expert on information design and how to produce clear writing in plain language for the web. All of the invaluable information that she shared in the first edition is included with numerous new examples.

The New Well-Tempered Sentence
A Punctuation Handbook for the Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed
by Gordon , Karen Elizabeth
Another totally irreverant book about punctuation. Terribly creative example sentences to delight the whole family.

A Pirate’s Guide t’ th’ Grammar of Story: A Creative Writing Curriculum
While fun, the material is not fluff. This is a serious curriculum that teaches the fundamental building blocks–the grammar–of a story. It builds creativity, improves imagination, and develops the storytelling skills that are of increasing value in today’s world.

On Writing Well
25th Anniversary : The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction
by Zinsser, William Knowlton
Simplicity is Zinsser’s mantra: he preaches a stripped-down writing style, strong and clear.

Schoolhouse Rock! – Grammar Rock
Audio CD. Grammar Rock is a particularly compelling volume, bringing jazz vocal legend Bob Dorough to the lyrical table, untangling the secrets of the English language in a way that’s both entertaining and instructive.

The Sense of Style
The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century
by Steven Pinker
In this short, cheerful, and eminently practical book, Pinker shows how writing depends on imagination, empathy, coherence, grammatical knowhow, and an ability to savor and reverse engineer the good prose of others. He replaces dogma about usage with reason and evidence, allowing writers and editors to apply the guidelines judiciously, rather than robotically, being mindful of what they are designed to accomplish. Filled with examples of great and gruesome prose, Pinker shows us how the art of writing can be a form of pleasurable mastery and a fascinating intellectual topic in its own right.

Simply Grammar: An Illustrated Primer
by Karen Andreola
Large, easy-to-read print and beautiful 19th century illustrations make Simply Grammar inviting to use. Designed for home study for children, 4th through 8th grade, the book is the revised and expanded version of Charlotte Mason’s First Grammar Lessons.

Teaching Kids to Be Confident, Effective Communicators

Differentiated Projects to Get All Students Writing, Speaking, and Presenting
(Book with CD-Rom)
by Phil Schlemmer M.Ed. and Dori Schlemmer
Students research topics and present what they have learned to their peers with this kids-teaching-kids approach to differentiated, project-based learning.

Writing for the Web
by Kilian, Crawford
If your son or daughter wants to publish their writing on the web, you’ll want to order this book.

Write Away
A Friendly Guide for Teenage Writers
by Stillman, Peter
The author transmits his love of writing to young people, to encourage writing from the heart, with beauty and power.

English Literature

The Friendly Shakespeare
A Thoroughly Painless Guide to the Best of the Bard
by Epstein, Norrie
Crammed full of solid–but never simplistic–information, this browsing compendium includes the major plays, along with illustrations, sidebars, and photos that make learning about Shakespeare fun.


by William Steig
All a child needs to know are letter names to read this book. ” C D B. D B S N BZ B.” Helped make the transition to “real” reading easier for my kids. “I M OK. R U?”

McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers/Boxed
These phenomenally successful readers feature literary selections that are suited to the age level and interests of students. Faithfully reproduced to the last detail, this delightful journey through legendary America is now available in an attractive boxed edition. 7 volumes. 6th Edition

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
by Engelmann, Siegfried
Based on the excellent DISTAR program, my daughter learned to read well and fast. Combines phonics with interesting reading material for youngsters.

Reading Lists for College-Bound Students
by Estell, Doug
100 books most often recommended as well as actual suggested reading lists from 100 leading universities and colleges.




Why Johnny Can’t Read
And What You Can Do About It
by Flesch, Rudolph
Contains complete materials and instructions on teaching children to read at home.

Bob Books
by Maslen, Bobby Lynn
With their engaging stories and clever illustrations, the Bob Books have ushered millions of kids into the world of reading. For ages 4 to 8.

  1. Alphabet
    (My First Bob Books)
  2. Pre-Reading Skills
    (My First Bob Books)
  3. Bob Books, Set 1:
    Beginning Readers
  4. Bob Books Set 2
    Advancing Beginners
  5. Bob Books Set 3
    Word Families
  6. Bob Books Set 4
    Complex Words
  7. Bob Books Set 5
    Long Vowels
  8. BOB Books: Sight Words
  9. Bob Books, Sight Words:
    First Grade

Fun Activities Using Bob Books

How to Increase Your Child’s Verbal Intelligence
by McGuinness, Carmen and Geoffrey
Parents and teachers seeking sound, research-supported advice on ways to improve their children’s reading comprehension will find this book an essential resource.

The Writing Road to Reading
6 Revised edition (January 17, 2012) : The Spalding Method of Phonics for Teaching Speech, Writing and Reading/Book and Record
by Spalding, Romalda Bishop Walter T. Spalding
A popular method for teaching reading at home, combining the learning of reading and writing.


Thorndike-Barnhart Children’s Dictionary
by Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley
Students find this dictionary much more “user friendly” than most dictionaries.


Soaring with Spelling and Vocabulary
This spelling program includes 8 separate grades (levels) that excel in teaching spelling and vocabulary. by Tamela Davis.

Spelling Power
Complete with New Quick Start Introduction, Lists of the 5,000 Most Frequently Used Words Organized by Phonetic Principle. 4th Edition.
by Beverly L. Adams-Gordon
This program is wonderful for homeschoolers and anyone wanting to improve their child’s spelling ability.

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