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Time4Learning Demos

Let’s Go Learn Reading and Math Assessment and Courses

Let’s Go Learn


Let’s Go Learn was created by faculty and graduate students from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education. I have met with the founder Richard Capone personally several times and am most impressed by their program. They have steadily grown the program to meet the needs of parents and teachers who need to both diagnose and instruct students who are native English or Spanish speakers.

Let’s Go Learn‘s assessments and instruction require that your computer has the free Adobe/Macromedia Flash browser plug-in installed. Here you canverify that your computer’s audio is working properly and that you have a correctly installed flash browser plug-in.

Reading Diagnostics and Instruction

Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment (DORA)

DORA is a K-12 measure that provides objective, individualized assessment data across eight reading measures that together profile each student’s reading abilities and prescribes individual learning paths. Parents’ SiteEducators’ SiteVideo Demo

DORA Phonemic Awareness

DORA Phonemic Awareness is ideal for emergent or struggling readers. It measures nine phonemic awareness skills using audio and picture-only items, for a thorough assessment of oral phonemic awareness skills. Parents’ SiteEducators’ SiteVideo Demo

Emergent Reader EDGE

Are your children in Kindergarten through Grade 3 and reading at a first-grade level? LGL Emergent Reader EDGE provides motivating, personalized reading lessons for young children. Parents’ SiteEducators’ Site


DORA Spanish/EDELL provides an effective means of comparing students’ first language Spanish abilities with their developing second language English reading skills, and allows parents and teachers to best utilize those Spanish reading skills to further develop English reading skills. Parents’ SiteEducators’ Site

Reading Edge

LGL Reading Edge is a powerful web-based learning system, designed to give older elementary students, secondary students and even adults the extra edge they need for reading success, with high-interest, low-readability materials. Parents’ SiteEducators’ Site

Comprehension Edge

LGL Comprehension Edge is a web-based learning system that combines powerful diagnostic reading assessment with comprehensive, supplemental reading instruction for secondary students. Designed with upper elementary and secondary students in mind, LGL Comprehension Edge begins with an online diagnostic reading assessment and then places students in lessons with explicit instruction in comprehension strategies, critical thinking, and vocabulary. Parents’ SiteEducators’ Site

Math Diagnostics and Instruction

ADAM K-7 Assessment

ADAM K-7 is a K-7 comprehensive, diagnostic assessment of mathematics. Aligned with the Common Core Standards, as well as NCTM’s five content strands, ADAM K-7 thoroughly assesses a student’s complete mathematical understanding, to provide a comprehensive picture of his or her strengths and weaknesses. Using revolutionary adaptive logic, ADAM K-7 maximizes the amount of information obtained on each student, while minimizing test-taking time and anxiety. Now, at no additional cost, your students can link to Khan Academy math videos, a library of over 3,000 instructional resources, from their Let’s Go Learn student accounts. Students receive a personalized lesson plan for math. They link to Khan math videos to develop areas of need and enrich areas of strength. Let’s Go Learn tracks and reports their progress in the Khan Academy math videos. Click here to see ADAM K-7 Alignment to Khan AcademyParents’ SiteEducators’ Site

Let’s Go Learn Math Edge

LGL Math Edge is a powerful web-based learning system that gives children of all ages the support they need to succeed in K to 7 instructional level math. LGL Math Edge combines our powerful online math assessment with effective math instruction, providing 176 lessons and 50+ hours of instruction! Parents’ SiteEducators’ Site

DOMA Pre-Algebra

DOMA Pre-Algebra intelligently assesses students in 14 Pre-Algebra constructs and follows with a detailed roadmap for remediation/instruction. Parents’ SiteEducators’ SiteVideo Demo

DOMA Algebra

DOMA Pre-Algebra intelligently assesses students in 11 Algebra constructs and follows with a detailed roadmap for remediation/instruction. Parents’ SiteEducators’ SiteVideo Demo

Pre-Algebra Edge

LGL Pre-Algebra Edge is a powerful web-based learning system, designed to give students the extra edge they need to successfully begin Algebra I. Combining powerful online pre-algebra assessment with supplemental pre-algebra instruction, LGL Pre-Algebra Edge offers up to 60 levels of instruction in pre-algebra skills. Parents’ SiteEducators’ Site

Pre-Algebra Pathways

Pre-Algebra Pathways brings together comprehensive pre-algebra skills assessment with differentiated instruction, all administered in an interactive, online learning environment. Parents’ SiteEducators’ Site

Algebra Edge

LGL Algebra Edge is a powerful web-based learning system, designed to give secondary students the extra edge they need for success in Algebra I. Parents’ SiteEducators’ Site

Videos from Let’s Go Learn

Introduction to Reading Theory
This E-seminar is presented by Dr. Richard McCallum of University of California, Berkeley. It covers the basics of how children and adults learn to read and the variables that affect their learning processes.

How Lets Go Learn sees the future of technology, education, and assessment
Excerpt discussing the market situation and how Let’s Go Learn sees the future of technology, education, and assessment.

How To implement response to intervention (RTI) in general and with Let’s Go Learn
This Let’s Go Learn video discusses different models of RtI: school support, progress monitoring, and diagnostic assessment. It further explains how DORA/DOMA can help with the three-tiers of RtI as well as fit in with commonly used benchmark tools.

Teacher Interface Demo
This virtual tour provides a 7 minute overview of the Let’s Go Learn system via the teacher interface. In it, the presenter will show you how online diagnostic assessment and supplemental instruction come together in Let’s Go Learn’s web-based diagnostic platform (WDP).

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