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Supplies For a Natural Science Lab

Unless otherwise noted, links below are all off-site links with whom I have no commercial connection.

Acorn Naturalists
In both printed and electronic versions, we offer thousands of hard-to-find specialty products, including new curricula, field identification guides, plant and animal activity books, water quality monitoring equipment, and audiovisual media.

Ants and Stuff
An online shop for live ants, food, and sand for your ant observatory or ant farm.

Audobon Adventures
Encourages you to form your own kids community bird watching club. Materials sent four times a year.

Carolina Biological Supply Company
Carolina’s Most Popular: Carolina’s Perfect Solution Pigs, Owl Pellets, AP Biology Kits, Butterflies and Kits, Carolina Balances, and The GLOBE Program®

Insect Lore
We specialize in live butterflies! Check out all our butterfly goodies including our award-winning Butterfly Garden and Butterfly Bungalow kits.

Kids Gardening Award Program
A curriculum that integrates gardening with academics. Contests for biggest vegetable, art, photography, home-grown recipe, and insect research from among their students. In our trial run, which was directed toward home-based education, we worked with over three hundred students from forty-one states.

LaMote Company Home Science
Kits for hands-on, real science experiments concerning the environment: soil test, acid rain, water monitoring, and other science projects, priced for home use. Free lesson plans.

Nature Watch
We focus on inspiring kids by involving them in the creation of take-away projects, which drive home and reinforce the learning experience. That’s what hands-on minds-on learning is all about!

Owl Brand Discovery Kits
Introduce your students to the natural environment with these exciting and affordable plant studies and science labs. Resource for owl pellets.

Rockman’s Rocks, Minerals and Fossils
The place for all your earth science needs including rocks, minerals, classroom and collector specimens, fossils, triops, software, supplies and more.

Science 2 Discover
Materials relating to genetics and medicine as well as activities for kids.

Ward’s Natural Science
Meeting the needs of the science education community since 1862 ­ from middle school and high school-level classroom and homeschool studies to college curriculum, lab experiments, science fairs and hobbies.

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