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Homeschool Supplies Your Kids will WANT!

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

The summer months are winding down and it is time to start planning for back to homeschool. You are probably picking your curriculum and planning your year. You might have even started your homeschool shopping list.


Getting new school supplies is my favorite part of the back to school activities. Plus, the homeschool perk is that you can get whatever you, and your kids, want! No classroom restrictions!


Fun supplies can help you and your homeschoolers enjoy the learning more but the amount of fun school supplies out there can be overwhelming. To help you out, I’ve gathered some of my families favorites below and a bonus of extra fun at the end too! 


It’s a Zoo

Who can resist cute animals? My kids and I can’t! Animals have a way to make us smile whether they are on our lap, on our screens, or on our desk. 

Animal Shapes Paperclips

Dogs, cats, pigs, turtles, and more! Help your kids keep their papers together with these adorable critters. I love using these in my portfolio too! 





Llama Pencils 

Writing is more fun with a llama! These are perfect for those Fortnite fans…so my kids say! 




Unicorn Scissors 

These unicorn scissors are not only fun and functional but are safe for your kids to transport. Perfect to toss in the bag for roadschooling, park learning days, and co-ops! If unicorns aren’t your homeschooler’s favorite don’t fret! They also have these scissors available in polar bear, puppy, and mouse. We may have a few pairs in multiple go bags in my house. 




Animal Collection Pencil Erasers 

Let’s face it redoing that math problem for the 5th time will be way more fun if you erase it with a bunny, or a dolphin, or a lion.



Nessie Bookmark

If your homeschooler has to put down their book they might as well keep their place with this cute legendary sea creature. We have a few of these little guys in my house because everyone wants to use it.


Lego Lovers Connect

We love LEGO Bricks. I can find them in every room of my house…okay so they might not need to be in every room but somehow they manage to make it there. Let that love carry over to these neat supplies. Bonus perk: attach all these together and they store easily for their next use!


Buildable Ruler

Turn measurements into playtime with this LEGO ruler. This is great for my fidgeter. Take it apart, put it together, measure, and repeat!



Colored Gel Pens 

I have to admit that I bought these for myself at first and then my homeschoolers stole them. I loved that I could stick them together. My kids love that they can attach their favorite mini-figures while they are working. WIN-WIN except now I need to buy another set for me.



Pencil Sharpener

We have a tendency to lose pencil sharpeners in my house so this one was a necessity for my kids. We attach it to the ruler above and always know where it is!



Color Building Block Brick Erasers

These were a sanity saver for both of my kiddos during math word problems. My homeschoolers need to keep their hands busy while they think. These worked perfectly and then helped them out if they needed a redo!



For Your Doodler

I am a doodler while I work and I have a little doodler that loves to draw me all kinds of beautiful creations while working. These are our favorites for supporting the doodle need but still getting the work done.


Mustard Draw It Yourself Calculator

This was another case where I bought it for me but my kids took it over. I can’t complain though because they are doing their math and checking their own work so SUCCESS!




Glitter Gel Pens

If you have to do schoolwork why not do it in a different color each day. Seriously, it is the little things that can make a difference in the day. Pen color is one of those!


Wooden Ruler Box 

Keep all the school work and doodling supplies in one spot with this box. This one was a hit for my doodler because it keeps all the pens in one place and you can doodle on the plain box.


Boogie Board

On the go or if we are just conserving paper, this is our go-to for scratch paper and of course drawing.



Scratch Paper Notes

These are our second choice when we need to make some notes and want a little fun. My kids like to use these for quick math problems, short notes while reading, and colorful smiley faces on those tough homeschool days.



Online Learner Finds

We use a lot of online homeschool resources. There are just so many good online homeschool programs, learning games, and more out there. So for those technology loving homeschoolers here are our favorites to add some fun.


Funny Tail Wireless Mouse 

Just any old mouse just won’t do. Make it a little fun with these cute ones! I have the dolphin one!




Charging Cord Saver

This might be my favorite technology school supply on this list. They are small but these will save you some money! We use them on ALL of our chargers and our plug in headphones!



Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are must have if you are a multiple child homeschooling family in close quarters! My kiddos like to work together at the table but with both computers playing different lessons it quickly becomes a headache. We tried regular headphones but it was easy for my easily distracted homeschooler to still miss important information so these saved the day! Also great for me to use on days that the kiddos are having way too much fun while I’m working!



Super Versatile Cell Phone & Tablet Stand Holder

I have really grown to love this. It has been amazing and works with our tablets and phones. Perfect for the kids while they are working on the go or watching educational videos at the table!


Serious Supplies with Some Fun Included

Sometimes you just need good supplies. These are my favorites and have all earned a passing grade in my house.


Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp Pencil Sharpener

So far this has been our favorite pencil sharpener. It was easy for my kids to use when they were younger and it has lasted over the years. My kids really think it is fun to use this one…I’m not sure why but I don’t question it.


BIC 4-Color 3+1 Ballpoint Pen and Pencil

Who didn’t love the multicolor pens growing up! This takes that to the next level and is seriously my favorite pen ever. This was another purchase for me that my kids stole. It is perfect for all of us though with three colors and a mechanical pencil! We own many of these and, like the LEGO Bricks, they are in every room!


Dry Erase Pocket Sleeves

These you probably already know about but they are worth a mention, especially if you have multiple children and will be reusing workbooks! I also love to use these on printable worksheets to save paper and ink!



Magnetic Arrow bookmarks

My homeschoolers use these a lot. I have found these marking their favorite books, the most common lookups in the dictionary, and in their school planners to mark what they are working on.



Do Over Highlighters

I have to say that this one was a back to school purchase for me but I can see my kids stealing it when they get a little older to take notes in books that they share. Highlight it and then erase when you are finished with it!



Not necessarily school supplies but still on the list!  

So these aren’t really school supplies in the true definition but they are still pretty cool to grab and are homeschool related!


Okay, I don’t have this one yet but it is on the way! This looks like it would be great for those days that the homeschooling gets overwhelming and the kids need to take a mental break and calm down. I might have to use it too on a few days.



Idea Paint 

I have the chalkboard wall because it is important for kids to write on vertical surfaces. However, chalk=lots of dust so this seems like a great alternative!



Math is No Prob-Llama T-Shirt

This is another one the way one. I figure if we wear it then it will be true. That’s how it works, right?



Desk Top Vacuum 

I don’t know about your homeschoolers but mine like to snack while working. That leads to crumbs EVERYWHERE! I encourage them to clean up after themselves but this helps make it a little more fun when they finally decide to listen to my encouragement.



Hopefully, I have inspired you to add some fun to your homeschool this year and you have found a few items to get started. Which is your favorite on the list? Let me know in the comments below and share your fun homeschool finds with me!


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